Where is Haley bertolet now? Daughter of Highlands Ranch eye doctor Toni Bertolet Henthorn

Haley Bertolet

Who is Haley Bertolet?

She is the daughter of the late Highlands Ranch eye doctor Toni Bertolet. Toni Bertolet was doing well in her medical profession before her unfortunate death in 2012. Toni Berttolet, the well-known Highlands Ranch eye doctor was killed by her husband Harold Henthorn during their anniversary hike at Rocky Mountain National Park in Northern Colorado.

Harold received custody of Haley immediately after the death of his second wife, but Toni’s family was violently opposed to the arrangement. Toni’s family recognized Toni was unhappy in the days preceding her death, according to the show. She was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her marriage and had even been hurt twice by a wooden beam in Harold’s presence. However, while Haley was in Harold’s custody, sources stated that he attempted to influence her attitude and even encouraged her to speak in his support.

Why did Harold Henthorn kill Toni Bertolet?

The reason why Harold Henthorn killed his wife remains unknown as of now.

Harold, her husband, was later convicted of shoving her to her death during an anniversary trek. He is serving a life sentence in federal prison but has filed an appeal.

Henthorn had his Haley Bertolet mother cremated shortly after her death, against her family’s wishes.

Harold Henthorn who killed his wife Toni Bertolet
Harold Henthorn (credit: CBS)

He claimed he had Toni Henthorn’s ashes placed in a locked niche at Cherry Hills Community Church, but Toni Henthorn’s family never believed him.

No one is certain that an urn is present or, if one is present, if there are any ashes in it,” said Todd Bertolet, Toni’s brother.

Haley Bertolet Age- Where Is She Now?

Haley Bertlot is currently sixteen years old. She is currently residing with her maternal uncle.

She was born in 2005, but her exact birth date is uncertain. Despite the fact that he has become an adolescent, her social media profile has yet to be discovered.

There is a probability that Haley Bertolet’s maternal uncle adopted her because she has assumed their surname. However, there is no official word about this.

Haley Bertolet was last spotted in 2018 with her uncle, i.e. Toni’s brothers. She was never seen in public again after that.

Toni Bertolet Henthorn Ashes returned

The ashes of Haley Bertolet’s mother Toni Bertolet Henthorn were returned to her family in Mississippi four years after she was pushed to death by her husband, Harold Henthorn, at Highlands Ranch.

“We know Toni is in heaven,” her brother, Barry Bertolet, said, “but we’d like an earthly reminder of who she is, what she stood for, and everything she did on this earth.”

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Toni’s family enlisted the help of their friends, Ron and Virginia Cobble, who live in Denver, to open the niche where Harold Henthorn claimed he had placed Toni’s ashes. Virginia Cobble was unsure whether they would find anything inside, as she knew Henthorn had a history of dishonesty. Ron Cobble was also skeptical and believed that everything Henthorn had said was a lie.

Haley bertolet

A court order was obtained to open the niche, and in August, the Cobbles and church officials attempted to remove the urn containing Toni’s ashes. The process was physically challenging because urns are designed to be securely placed in niches and not meant to be removed. However, they were successful in prying open the urn and discovering Toni’s ashes inside. Virginia Cobble was emotional and cried at the sight of the ashes, realizing that Toni should be with her family in Mississippi and not in Denver.

Two months later, Toni’s family went to Denver to retrieve her ashes, which the Cobbles handed over to them. Barry Bertolet, Toni’s brother, was relieved to find that there were ashes inside the urn and happy to return them to their family plot in Jackson, Mississippi. The family did not approve of cremation, and returning Toni’s ashes to her hometown was a way to honor her and reunite her with her daughter, Haley, who was excited to have her mother’s ashes back home.

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