What happened to Pearl Ozaria & Chitara Plasencia? Manhattan Women Arrested at Bell Fries!

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To become famous by committing a crime or offense is not desirable but Pearl Ozaria, Chitara Plasencia, and Tatiyanna Johnson became well-known online after they assaulted some staff of Bell Fries and a customer who came to eat at the Manhattan restaurant. Their weird action also led to the destruction of the restaurant’s properties. Not only did they destroy, but they also stole from the restaurant on their way out. So what did Pearl Ozaria and her friends do?

We shall narrate how the incident happened and also share some other details of the incident with you in this post.

What happened to Pearl Ozaria and Chitara Plasencia?

Pearl Ozaria and Chitara Plasencia are two of three women accused of assaulting employees at New York City’s Bel Fries restaurant.

One video clip drew media attention after three ladies began tossing anything they could find at the employees.

It all started when they requested extra sauce for their fries, and the server informed them that they would be charged an additional $1.75 due to restaurant rules. The women became enraged and began breaking stuff and attacking the workers.

Every other client in the restaurant saw it as entertainment and did not intervene. Instead, they continued to video the entire episode and insulted the workers who were being assaulted.

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One of the Bel Fries employees was critically hurt on the head and was taken to the hospital. The restaurant was completely bloodied, and everything had been smashed in the frenzy.

Rarael Nunez Testimony on Pearl Ozaria and Chitara Plasencia

Pearl Ozaria and Chitara Plasencia

How Pearl Ozaria and Chitara Plasencia assaulted Bell Fries Staff

Pearl Ozaria and Chitara Plasencia are two pals who went to Bel Fries in New York City and went on a rampage after not getting enough sauce.

On July 3, Pearl and Chitara went to the restaurant with Tatiyanna Johnson. They got into a fight with the server when he refused to offer them more sauce for the same price.

What happened to Pearl Ozaria & Chitara Plasencia? Manhattan Women Arrested at Bell Fries! 1

It was their company policy to charge an extra $1.75 for the extra sauce. However, the women did not grasp the rule, and, rather than leaving or simply paying a few cents more, they became angry.

Pearl, 27, then started the vandalism, and her two other companions joined in. They started throwing anything they could find and destroying Bel’s property.

Are Pearl Ozaria and Chitara Plasencia in Jail?

The three women who were exiting Bel Fries and attacking the employees were arrested by the New York Police Department.

Ozaria, Plasencia, and Johnson threatened to kill the employees and were about to use a Taser on them. They tossed glass bottles at the workers as well.

The attackers pelted Victoria Baez with tequila and chili sauce and wrecked the counter. They smashed the cash register and computers, leaving the employees covered in blood.

Baez considered pouring hot oil on them or slicing them with a knife, but the situation was so scary that she didn’t know what to do.

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