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Where Is The Money? I Won’t be Silent Anymore!! – Randy Waldrum Calls Out NFF Over Super Falcons $960,000 FIFA Grant!

Randy Waldrum

Super Falcons coach Randy Waldrum has once again thrown the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) under the bus with weeks to the start of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Coach Randy Waldrum while speaking on “On The Whistle” podcast very recently, asked the NFF about the $960,000 grant they received from FIFA meant for preparing the team for the tournament.

Recall that the coach, a few days ago lamented lack of adequate support by the federation in preparing the team for the competition. While speaking on the podcast, the American coach who has been with team for over 28 months months revealed that he has only been paid 7 out of the 14 months salary he is being owed.

The American coach also added that some members of his squad are still being owed for two years after playing in the Summer series in the United States of America.


“Up until about 3 weeks ago, I had been owed 14 months’ salary, and then they paid 7 months’ salary. We still have players that haven’t been paid since 2 years ago when we played the Summer Series in the USA… It’s a travesty. I’m not going to be quiet anymore. In October, every country was given $960,000 from FIFA to prepare for the World Cup. Where’s that money? FIFA allows your staff to have up to 22 people, but we only have 11. We don’t have scouts to watch the teams in our group or potential opponents.”

The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts on July 2Oth and the Super Falcons are grouped alongside Australia, Republic of Ireland and Canada.



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