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Who is Christopher Stokowski and why is he a popular figure? All you need to know about the 69-year-old is here 

Christopher Stokowski is the son of Grace Vanderbilt, a socialite, and Leopold Stokowski, a renowned musician. Aderson Cooper, a well-known CNN journalist, is his maternal half-brother. For nearly four decades, he has been estranged from his family.

Who is Christopher Stokowski and why is he a popular figure? All you need to know about the 69-year-old is here  1

Christopher Stokowski, like his father, is a musician, but he is best recognized for his surname. He is the maternal half-brother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper and the late heiress, Gloria Vanderbilt.


Christopher Stokowski Biography and Family 

Christopher Stokowski, Gloria Vanderbilt’s son, was born in New York on January 31, 1952. He was born into the family of Leopold Stokowski and Gloria Vanderbilt, who was 28 at the time.

His father, Leopold Vanderbilt, was a well-known music director, and his mother, Gloria Laura Vanderbilt, was well-known for inheriting the Vanderbilt railroad fortune.

Christopher Vanderbilt is Gloria Vanderbilt’s second child. Vanderbilt has four sons and was married four times. Her second husband, Christopher’s father, was her second marriage, and she had two boys with him, Stanley and Christopher. 

Who is Christopher Stokowski and why is he a popular figure? All you need to know about the 69-year-old is here  2

Vanderbilt married Wyatt Cooper, a writer, in 1963. Carter and Anderson, her two boys, were also with him. Altogether, Gloria Vanderbilt’s sons are four in number. 

Reginald Vanderbilt and Cathleen Neilson were Christopher Stokowski’s grandparents. Reginald Vanderbilt was a rogue gambler who ruined his grandfather’s railroad and shipping empire. He died in 1925 at the age of 45. 

Leopold Stanislaus Stokowski, Christopher’s older brother, is a composer. Andrea Sadja Stokowski, Sonya Maria Noel Stokowski, and Gloria Luba Stokowski are his three paternal half-sisters. Carter and Anderson Hays Cooper, his maternal half-brothers, are also in his family.


How did Anderson Cooper’s brother die?

Carter Cooper, Anderson Cooper’s brother, committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor of his mother’s apartment in 1988.

How old is Christopher Stokowski? 

Christopher Stokowski’s age is 69 years, as of 2021. He celebrates his birthday on the 31st day of January monthly. 

Who is Christopher Stokowski and why is he a popular figure? All you need to know about the 69-year-old is here  3


Christopher attended Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, where he received his schooling.



Because Stokowski has been out of the spotlight since 1978, there is virtually little information regarding his employment history. 

However, it is thought that he is a classical musician who performs under a pseudonym to avoid receiving direct credit for his work.


Christopher Stokowski Wife

Christopher Stokowski is rumored to be single right now. The majority of his dating history is unknown because he lives his life away from the spotlight.

There is very little information available regarding his ex-girlfriend, ex-wife, or children. He did, however, fall in love with a woman named April Sandmayer in 1974, and they married three years later.

Who is Christopher Stokowski and why is he a popular figure? All you need to know about the 69-year-old is here  4

He began seeing his mother’s therapist not long after his father and stepfather died. His mother and the therapist were planning to destroy his connection with Sandmayer, he subsequently learned. His fiancée eventually called off the engagement as a result of the problem.


How tall is Christopher Stokowski? 

Moving on, Leopold Stokowski’s loving son stayed out of the spotlight for many years. His appearance has evolved with each passing year. Similarly, the musician is 6 feet tall (183 cm) and weighs roughly 85 kg (187 lbs).

Who is the heir to the Vanderbilt fortune? 

Leopold Stokowski, Vanderbilt’s first son, and Anderson Cooper, Vanderbilt’s fourth son, inherited her inheritance. She handed Leopold her $1.2 million midtown Manhattan condominium, which was the most significant asset she owned. Anderson received her remaining estate, which was valued at just about $1.5 million.

Because he had been estranged from his relatives for decades, Christopher, the once alienated Anderson Cooper’s brother, received nothing from his mother.


He and his mother did, however, reconcile before she died. Gloria’s fortune had plummeted from an estimated $200 million to $1.5 million by the time she passed away. Additionally, the Anderson Cooper siblings did not attend the burial.

Net Worth 

According to TV Show Stars, Chris Stokowski is worth $1 million.


Christopher Stokowski is Gloria Vanderbilt’s second son. He is Anderson Cooper’s half-brother, a well-known CNN news anchor.

 When he was 26 years old, he cut ties with his family out of resentment and possibly hurt over his mother’s interference in his romantic life.

  • Profile summary Name: Christopher Stokowski 
  • Age: 69 years Date of birth: January 31, 1952 
  • Place of birth: The United States of America 
  • Nationality: American 
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius Parents: Leopold Stokowski and Gloria Laura Vanderbilt 
  • Height: 6 feet (183cm) 
  • Weight: 85kg (187lbs) Shoe 
  • size: Size 11
  •  Eye colour: 


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