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Who is Nathan Schwandt and how did his relationship with his gay partner Jeffree end? See all you need to know here

Nathan Schwandt

Who is Nathan Schwandt? 

Nathan Schwandt is an internet personality, entrepreneur, and model from the United States. Nathan Schwandt is well renowned for being Jeffree Star’s boyfriend on the internet. He is an excellent guitarist and skateboarder.

Nathan Schwandt Biography 

Nathan Schwandt was born on August 18, 1993, in Michigan, USA, under the zodiac sign of Leo. He is a 27-year-old man. His parents’ names have yet to be revealed, however, he does have a sibling named Zach Schwandt. 

Nathan Schwandt

His brother is a well-known internet personality who also works for Jeffree’s firm. He enjoyed playing the guitar and skateboarding, which he learned alongside his brother and pals throughout his school days. Zach’s family members can be seen in a photo he posted. 

How old is Nathan Schwandt? 

The Internet personality is 28 years old as of 2021. He celebrates his birthday on the 18th of August every year. 

Nathan Schwandt Height 

Nathan stands 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall and weighs roughly 72 kilograms (154 lbs). He is 36 inches tall, 28 inches wide, and 35 inches long. He has blonde hair and blue eyes as well. His dress or shoe size is still unknown, and he has tattoos all over his body.


Nathan Schwandt Education

Nathan Schwandt graduated from Troy High School with honors. He used to play football and basketball, as well as compete in a music competition at school. He did not, however, enroll in university or college. He is an American of Caucasian ancestry.


Nathan Schwandt is a well-known internet figure. He is best known as the boyfriend and live-in partner of internet celebrity Jeffree Star. He is a prominent American Instagram star, social media personality, and model. He used to work as a pet store employee in Michigan.

He knew Jeffree before he became famous on social media and pushed him to start a YouTube career, as well as appearing in his videos. 


He was even in charge of Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ shipping department. A highlighter, two lip scrubs, and six velvet liquid lips are included in the set. Nathan also did some modeling for Jeffree!

Nathan Schwandt

He even modeled for the company’s numerous products. Though Nathan was previously unconcerned about his skin, he now takes good care of it and is well aware of the beauty of makeup art as a result of his involvement with the makeup line collection.

Nathan and Jeffree also collaborated on a makeup line for the Star family. He assumed charge for the warehouse’s logistics department, though he left the job to raise his five Pomeranian puppies, Diva, Diamond, Daddy, Delicious, and Drama. He also began a marijuana-related side business with Jeffree, who does not drink alcohol but enjoys weed. 


Nathan’s wife, Jeffree referred to himself. They have a close relationship because they know one other’s phone passwords. They have five Pomeranian puppies, Diva, Diamond, Daddy, Delicious, and Drama, which they consider their children. In 2012, he worked in a pet store and was in charge of the shipping department.

Nathan Schwandt Relationship 

After his breakup with Jeffree Star, Nathan Schwandt is now single. He and his ex-boyfriend were both well-known gay couples when they began dating in 2015. There’s no information available regarding his previous relationships. He isn’t married and doesn’t have any children.

After Nathan sent Jeffree a DM on the image-sharing platform, the couple met on Instagram. Through messaging and video calling, they gradually became close friends.


Following Jeffree’s invitation, Nathan Schwandt traveled from Michigan to California to meet him in Los Angeles. On March 25th, the pair went on their first date to Santa Monica Pier. They had a romantic stroll on the beach after dinner. Then they moved in together at Jeffree’s house in California. 

Who is Nathan Schwandt and how did his relationship with his gay partner Jeffree end? See all you need to know here 1
Nathan Schwandt and his ex-gay partner Jeffree

Later, the two lived together at Jeffree’s property in California, and they later acquired a house together in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where they spend a few weeks each year. Similarly, in July 2016, Jeffree traveled to Michigan to meet Nathan’s parents.

 Jeffree also entrusted Nathan’s brother, Zach, with the task of assisting him in expanding his cosmetics business. Zach was also given the option of moving to California with them.


Jeffree is also close with Nathan’s other family members. He even filmed a cosmetics tutorial with Nathan’s father. Jeffree also referred to himself as Nathan’s “wifey” on several occasions. Unfortunately, the cute pair split up in early 2020.

Nathan Schwandt Net Worth

His annual salary is still unknown, however Instagram is his principal source of revenue. He has an Aston Martin Mortage Vantage, which is valued at roughly $150,000 USD. On July 14, 2019, his ex-boyfriend gave him the automobile. Nathan’s net worth is also reported to be $500,000.


Nathan Schwandt only dated women prior to dating Jeffree and hence was criticized for this. Fans of Jeffree even called him a cheat for describing himself as straight. People thought him as a gold digger who was with Jeffree only for his fame and money. 


However, he cleared in a Q&A video that he was interested in men for a long time. However, being from the Midwest, such relations were not an option for him. He also assured that a relationship is not bound by gender but as the feeling that connects two people.

Jeffree didn’t have his cosmetics brand when they started dating in 2015, according to the couple. He wasn’t a YouTuber, either. Nathan was the one who urged him to create a company and follow YouTube when it was originally launched.

Many people feel Nathan was the catalyst for Jeffree’s Twitter spat with makeup artist Manny Gutierrez. Nathan was rumored to be dating a woman after their breakup. Jeffree, on the other hand, criticized it, claiming that it was fake news.


Social Media 

On Instagram, Nathan Schwandt had over 282k followers. However, he erased all of his social media accounts in late 2019. He does, however, have a new Instagram account called @theschwandtone, which has over 167 thousand followers. The account’s first post came on January 5, 2020, and it appears that his current account is more focused on demonstrating his skating abilities. There is currently no information available regarding his other social media accounts.

Nathan Schwandt and Dominique

After splitting with Jeffree, Nathan is now in a relationship with adult entertainer, Dominique aka DarnitDomi. 

Dominique and Nathan were confirmed to be dating after she shared sensual photos of them on her Twitter account on Valentine’s Day.


Dominique, is an Austin, Texas-based model who, according to her bio, considers herself to be in the top 0.3 percent of OnlyFans performers. On social media, she goes by the handles Dominique and “Darn it Domi.”

It’s been more than a year since Jeffree Star broke down in tears in front of 33 million people o YouTube, announcing his breakup with Nathan Schwandt, his 5-year partner. Schwandt now looks to be hooking up with a model and top OnlyFans performer with over 200,000 Instagram followers.

On Valentine’s Day, the model, who goes by Dominique and “Darn it Domi online, shared steamy photos of herself and Schwandt on Twitter (warning: the photos are semi-nude). “Happiest when I’m with you,” she captioned pictures, while Schwandt answered with a rose and a devil emoji. Dominique had posted a few days before that she’d “met her match” in a Leo sun, the same zodiac sign as Schwandt.


Schwandt and Dominique haven’t confirmed their relationship to Insider, but they do follow each other on Twitter and Instagram and have left likes and romantic comments on each other’s recent photos. Dominique is a 25-year-old model from Austin, Texas, who claims to be in the top 0.3 percent of OnlyFans performances.

How old is DarnitDomi? 

She is 26 years old as of 2021. 


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