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Meet Sean Edward Hartman, the son of late Phil and Brynn Hartman

Meet Sean Edward Hartman, the son of late Phil and Brynn Hartman 2

There are quite a several reasons why some celebrities don’t put any personal details of theirs for public consumption, especially on social media. One could infer that this decision and some others could be due to the kind of experience they had while growing up.

After reading this piece, one will probably understand why Sean Edward Hartman is not on social media, why he has stayed off the radar of the media, and why he is still unmarried despite being a talented writer and actor and also inheriting a fortune from his late parents.

Sean Edward Hartman


Sean Edward Hartman background and education 

Sean Edward Hartman was born on the 17th of June 1988 in Sunset, Vancouver, Canada to late actress Brynn Edwards and late actor Phil Edwards.

Although he is American, he is also mixed breed. His mother is of French, Spanish, Brazilian, Scottish, Portuguese, Mexican, and English descent while his father traces his roots to Germany, Ireland, and England. He grew up in Vancouver alongside his only sibling, Birgin Anika Hartman.


It’s unknown whether Sean Edward Hartman attended Primary school or college but it’s on record that he attended Edina High School in the United States.

The Death of Sean Edward Hartman’s parents

A popular adage among the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria goes thus; “Wealthy homes also have their problems.” Unfortunately, such was the case with Sean Edward Hartman and his sister. Their parents died while they were very young.


Brynn Hartman killed her husband, Phil Hartman after a heated argument before they both went to bed that fateful night in 1998. It was gathered that Brynn shot her husband twice in his sleep before she ran away to her friend’s place where she confessed to the crime.

Meet Sean Edward Hartman, the son of late Phil and Brynn Hartman 3

When the police arrived, Brynn Hartman locked herself in a room and shot herself.


It was impossible to get answers on why she killed her husband since she was already dead but it was deduced that she probably killed her husband because she was afraid and jealous that he was getting too popular than her.

The death of Sean and Birgen’s parents is well known in America and it is a tragic emblem that will probably remain glued to their memories for a long time.

They lived with their maternal uncle and aunt after the death of their parents.


Sean Edward Hartman career

He is a talented young man of various capabilities; acting, writing, music, painting, and designs. He has always wanted to do music right from his childhood. He joined quite several music groups including Metamorphic Mexico where he developed himself and eventually became a performer. Sean Edward mostly did live performances. He is also a voice-over artist and graphic designer.

Sean Edward Hartman net worth 


Sean Edward Hartman and his sister inherited their parents. Sean inherited an estate that is valued at about $1.5m. Their parents instructed that they may be given half of their inheritance when they turn 25 and the rest when they clock 30.

Asides from his inheritance, Sean makes money from his acting, music, and writing career as well. His net worth is valued at a million dollars.

Sean Edward Hartman relationship


As at the time of publishing this post, Sean Edward Hartman is unmarried and he isn’t dating anyone neither does he have a child of his own? However, his sister is happily married and lives a peaceful life with her husband.

Meet Sean Edward Hartman, the son of late Phil and Brynn Hartman 4

Why he has chosen to remain single despite been famous and wealthy can be traced to the kind of childhood he had. It was an unpleasant one indeed.


Sean Edward Hartman social media

Unlike Birgen who is quite active on social media, Instagram precisely, Sean is not very active. He lives a private life in Oakland, California.

Brynn Hartman height, weight & measurements



Brynn Hartman’s height is not available at the moment. However, we will update Brynn Hartman’s height, weight, body measurements, eye colour, hair colour, shoe and dress size as soon as possible once we lay our hands on the official information.


Brynn Hartman murder scandal



Brynn killed her husband Phil at 3 a.m. on May 28, 1998, while he was sleeping in his bed. Brynn then locked her in the room and committed suicide.


Brynn was a drug addict, and Phil had extramarital affairs, so Brynn and Phil had issues in their marriage. Under the influence of cocaine, Brynn killed her husband and then herself.



Their bodies were lying on the floor when the cops arrived. Their bodies were laid to rest in the Greenwood Cemetery in Thief Riverfalls, Minnesota. Aslo, she killed her husband with the help of two men, one of whom was her ex-husband Ron Doughlas. After hearing this, Ron dialed 911 for assistance at 6:20 a.m.

Sean Edward Hartman girlfriend


Who is Sean Edward Hartman’s girlfriend? He has not yet married and does not have a wife as far as we know. Sean Edward Hartman is quite reticent about his private life and hasn’t really shared anything about his dating life. He regularly avoids questions about his relationship. There is also no information about his previous dating life. It is yet unknown if he is single or in a relationship due to a lack of openness around his personal life. Despite the fact that he has not given any details about his dating life.

Facts about Sean Edward Hartman

  • Sean Edward Hartman was involved in one of the most bizarre crime stories as a result of a life-changing and jolting catastrophe.
  • Brynn, his mother, had a “heated” dispute with Phil, and then he went to bed.
  • On May 28, 1998, she entered his bedroom about 3 a.m. PDT and fatally shot him once between the eyes and once in the neck.
  • She was on Zoloft, drinking wine, and had lately taken cocaine.
  • Brynn went to her buddy Ron Douglas’ house and confessed to the murder.
  • Brynn, his mother, had afterward shut herself in the bedroom.
  • Soon later, she committed herself by shooting herself.
  • Sean Edward Hartman is not active on social media.

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