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Amanda Makar: What happened to the National Geographic Port Protection lady? See details 

Amanda Makar: What happened to the National Geographic Port Protection lady? See details  2

Amanda Makar: What happened to the National Geographic Port Protection lady? See details 

Who is Amanda Makar?

Amanda Makar was among the cast of a survival show known as Port Protection Alaska. It’s a show that tests the survival instincts and endurance of a group of people in the remote and extremely cold area of Alaska, United States of America. 

A lot of people have been asking about Amanda Makar who is no longer on the show. Questions like “Where is Amanda Makar?” and “Is Amanda Makar still on Port Protection?” among others have been asked by fans recently. 

In this post, we shall tell you the current state of Amanda Makar on Port Protection as well as more details on what the show is all about. 


What is Port Protection Alaska? 

Port Protection is a very remote Alaskan community that is located in the northwest hub of Prince of Wales Island.

Port Protection Alaska follows the lives of a community attempting to keep up in the arctic state of Alaska.

The roughly 100 residents who live on the rugged and unforgiving land push the boundaries of survival by hunting, fishing, trapping, growing their own food, and building thein shelter.

Amanda Makar

With no roads, government, or law enforcement, the residents live in isolation and risk their lives.


“However, they believe the risk is worth the profound reward: a world of beauty with the security of community but without the constraints of bureaucracy,” explains National Geographic in the show’s premise.

What happened to Amanda Makar? 

After season two concluded in 2016, the franchise returned in 2018 with a spin-off series Life Below Zero. Amanda left the show after season two, according to NatGeo, because many people left the remote community during the show’s hiatus.

Port Protection Alaska returned in 2020 with a completely new cast. One of these shifts was the departure of fan favorite Amanda Makar.

Amanda said her final goodbyes at the end of season two, but fans hoped it wasn’t her last on the show. Amanda quickly became a fan favorite on the show for her independence and strength.


Throughout the nine episodes she appeared in, she was able to purchase hen skip and worked tirelessly to pay off her debts for it.

According to a NatGeo spokesperson who did not name Amanda, many residents moved away from Alaska between filming and when the show was canceled. However, just as quickly as people leave the small community, so many new residents arrive.

Who are the participants of Port Protection Alaska?

The cast of Port Protection Alaska includes:

Gary Muehlberger


Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach

Sam Carlson

Mary Miller

Stuart Andrews


David Squibb

Matt Carlson

Kaylee Burk

Kristina Jackson 


How to watch Port Protection Alaska

You can watch Port Protection Alaska every Tuesdays at 9pm on the National Geographic channel.

If you want to catch up on previous episodes, log on to nationalgeographic.com by signing into your TV provider, or via the streaming service Disney+.

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