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Aya Takanashi: Where is the “Mr Baseball” actress now? Age, Career, Net Worth in 2002

Aya Takanashi: Where is the "Mr Baseball" actress now? Age, Career, Net Worth in 2002 2

Aya Takanashi: Who is she?

Aya Takanashi is a Japanese actress who first appeared in films in the early 1990s.

She is best known for her roles in Mr. Baseball and Wangan Midnight Final, two classic films.

As of 2022, Anya Takanashi does not have a Wikipedia page.

Aya Takanashi: Where is the "Mr Baseball" actress now? Age, Career, Net Worth in 2002 3

Mr. Baseball’s Wikipedia page, on the other hand, mentions her briefly as a starring actor.

In the film, Aya played Hiroko, a modern Japanese woman in a stormy relationship with the lead actor, Tom Selleck, who played Jack Elliot.

Aya mentioned how Tom Selleck assisted her with the intimate scenes because she was uncomfortable with them.


Whonis Aya Takanashi husband?

We can’t say whether Aya Takanashi has a husband or not because we haven’t heard anything about her past or current relationship status.

She stated that she was not married or engaged in an exclusive interview conducted shortly after the release of her film.

She had even joked about being free, despite the fact that she was still single.


It is obvious that Anya belongs to the class of people, that is celebrities that tend to keep their private affairs off the radar of the media.

It could also be that Anyais not interested in dating or marrying. Yes, there are women like that as well as men who do not can’t the idea of marriage. Everyone has his/her choices.

How old is Aya Takanashi?

The elegant Aya is now at 59 years as of August 2022


She was born in Chiba, Japan on 18 March 1963. Aya was 29 years old when her first movie was released.

Where is Aya Takanashi Now?

We have no idea where or how Aya is. She has been absent from the television screen and the general media for quite some time.

In the early 1990s, she visited the United States for the first time. We believe she must have returned to Japan after that.


It’s reasonable to assume that Aya Takanashi would have pursued her acting career further had her previous screen presence been appreciated by viewers.

But it’s unfortunate that she hasn’t been using social or other media, so we haven’t been able to track her down.

Aya Takanashi net worth

According to several online sources including this one, Aya Takanashi is worth over a million dollars. She appeared on movies like: Mr Baseball (1992), Wangan Midnight Final: GTR Densetsu ACT 1 (1994) and Wangan Midnight Final: GTR Densetsu ACT 2 (1994).


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