Breaking! See the beautiful hotel Governor Nyesom Wike demolished for breaking lockdown rule (Photos)

River State Governor: Mr Nyesom Wike has demolished Prodest Hotel in Eleme for violating lockdown rule in the state.

Mr Nyesom Wike had earlier said that the hotel will be demolished for operating while the state is observing a lockdown!

See pictures below 👇

In the words of Governor Wike:

“Whether you are PDP or not, all we are saying is that nobody is above the law. If we can do this to a PDP person, then you know we are not discriminatory. Everyone must obey.”

It so also been reported that he’s also going to destroy another hotel in One!

Quote via @Oganlamedia

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  1. Naija governments in all levels are SICK!!!

    Never seen a country where leaders behave awkward, backward, senseless with fragrant disregard to rule of laws and humane treatment of fellow beings. Everything is always in disarray and far opposite of what obtains in where they copy idea from. So sick a people privileged to lead and a disgrace to humanity. This one is more than Coro; bad belle de this one ooooo!!! They all behave like BUSH ANIMALS AND COWS….!!!!

    Where will poor masses and the oppressed run to for justice in Nigeria for God’s sake?? They will still use their to suppress justice.

    By the way, Wike’s face was uncovered too for what he was crucifying someone for. Haba, una no de tire self for wickedness to your fellow beings???

    Question: what is hotel meant for? lodgment i guess for those who needed to rest or relax and caught up in between trips while journey. Naija, all of leaders are SICK big time!. Animals are better than you all.

    How many have died due to stress in other countries where CORO has killed in thousands??? Naija own na wahala and frustration de follow am.