Ebonyi State record first case of COVID-19!

Ebonyi State record first case of COVID-19! 2

Ebonyi State has recorded its first  confirmed COVID-19 case as the Pandemic continues to spread in the country like a rapid bush fire.

This was confirmed by the Ebonyi State Governor: David Imayi while sparking to newsmen in the state capital: Abakaliki on Sunday.

According to the Governor, the victim is a public transport driver who ply Ebonyi and other south western states.

In the words of the Governor : “Today 26th of April 2020, unfortunately I wish to announce that Ebonyi has recorded the first COVID-19 index case. The index case is a 31 years old man from Ukawu.”

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“He runs a transport business with his Sienna vehicle which he uses to carry food items to Ore in Ondo State.

“Usually after selling this food items, he will use the vehicle to carry passengers back to South-East.”

In addition, the Governor also reveled that the patients made several trips in and out of Ebonyi between the 29th of March and 1st of April.

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