How to break free from a Rape situation! (Video)

Rape incidents are becoming rampant these days and most often than not, the girl child is always the victim in a good number of cases.

It can occur between a married couples especially when there is absence of consent in an attempt to engage in sexual intercourse.

Although theΒ  Criminal and Penal Code in Nigeria doesn’t recognise this type of rape, i.e Marital Rape.

It is considered as an offence punishable under the law and different countries have various ways ways of meteing out these punishments.

In Nigeria, under the Criminal a.d Penal Code, anyone found guilty is liable to 14 years imprisonment.

Although, this video might not necessarily be useful to a young girl child at the moment considering that it requires physical strength but it will go a long way in educating both adult and yiun females.

See video below here πŸ‘‡

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