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I want my son to be imprisoned for life! – Yola man cries out!

I want my son to be imprisoned for life! - Yola man cries out! 2

A man in Yola, the capital of Adamawa State, has expressed the wish for his son to be given a life sentence in prison.

The man said such a sentence by the courts of law will afford him and other members of his family respite from the son’s troublesome acts.The troubled father, Samuel Eke, told reporters that his son was a serious threat to him, his brothers, sisters and neighbours and that his continued stay in prison will be safer for everyone.

It was learnt that the son, 40-year-old Onyekachi Samuel of Demsawo District in Jimeta, Yola North Local Government Area, was in prison for an offence when his mother, Grace Samuel and eldest brother, Sunday Samuel passed on in 2017.

He came out from prison in October 2021 after five years behind bars but barely three months after his release, Onyekachi dared his father and other family members.


Family sources said he went to his father, a security guard at a Yolal hotel last month as the father was boiling water to bath, and said he did not see why he (Onyekachi) will bath with cold water and his father will bath with hot water.

He allegedly took a pestle and pursued his father in an attempt to smash his head, and the father was said to have been lucky to escape, with Onyekachi threatening to kill him whenever possible.

To save his life and protect his family, Eke reported the matter at the Doubeli Police station in Jimeta, on January 11, 2022, following which Onyeakachi was apprehended.

The latest was the third time in Onyekachi’s rancorous life. Onyekachi and some others had in 2008 been convicted for armed robbery and sentenced to 10 years but Onyekachi was released after eight years in 2016.


He was soon arrested again, this time for threatening to kill a man in Demsawo after the man met him and warned him to stop smoking Indian hemp at his compound.

He was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Court II sometime that year, 2016, and sentenced to three years in prison, but shortly after his conviction, the father, Samuel Eke, had allegedly pleaded with the trial judge to add two years, and the son consequently spent five years, thus his return home last year, only to end up with his third arrest and then arraignment.

Onyeakachi was this time arraigned before Ibrahim Musa Ulenda of the Upper Area Court 4 in Yola, where he pleaded guilty to criminal intimidation.

Pending what the court will do this time, Mr Samuel Eke told newsmen he wished the court to sentence his son to life imprisonment so that the son will not one day kill him or any of his family members


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