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Is keala scherzinger related to Nicole scherzinger? Background, Career, Net Worth, and Family

Keala Scherzinger is one of those family members who enjoy fame and attention due to their relationship with a popular figure in the society. Her relationship with Nicole Scherzinger has made people pick interest in her background, career, and relationship among other information about her. In this post, we will share what we know about Keela Scherzinger as well as her relationship with Nicole Scherzinger who is a celebrity.

Is keala scherzinger related to Nicole Scherzinger?

Yes, the two ladies are related. Keala Scherzinger is a member of the celebrity family. Keala Scherzinger is the younger sister of American singer and actress Nicole Scherzinger. She is married with three daughters, Lillie, Lexie, and Ellie Leemon. It is not uncommon for a celebrity family member to become famous. Keala Scherzinger, among others, is gaining notoriety as a celebrity relative. Scherzinger is the half-sister of Nicole Scherzinger, an American actress, singer, and television personality. Keala keeps her professional life private. Learn about Keala’s personal life in depth in the parts that follow.

Is keala Scherzinger married?

In as much as Kaela Scherzinger is a very private person, reports online have that she is married with three kids.


Keala, the sister of Nicole Scherzinger, is happily married to her husband, who goes by the surname Leemon. Although specific details about her spouse, including his name, are undisclosed, Keala frequently shares pictures with him on her official Instagram account. According to her posts, they have been together since 2004 and officially tied the knot in March 2009 in an intimate wedding ceremony held in Honolulu.

keala scherzinger

During their wedding, Keala adorned a beaded strapless wedding gown while her husband wore a tuxedo as they exchanged vows. Since their special day, Mr. and Mrs. Leemon have cultivated a strong bond as a loving married couple. They are soon approaching their 14th wedding anniversary and enjoy traveling to exotic destinations and spending vacations together. Their relationship is characterized by a healthy and rumor-free bond, with Keala often sharing pictures with her husband, showcasing their happiness.

Kela Scherzinger and Nicole Scherzinger

Keala, the celebrity sister, celebrates her birthday in August each year. Although her exact birth year is unknown, she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Keala’s parents are Rosemary Elikolani Frederick (mother) and Gary Scherzinger (father). Her mother worked as a clerk, while her father was a welder. They have been married since 1983.


In regards to Nicole’s (presumably Keala’s sister) early life, she was born on June 29, 1978, to Rosemary Elikolani and her ex-husband Alfonso Valiente. Unfortunately, Alfonso left Nicole and her mother when she was two years old. Subsequently, Keala’s father, Gary, adopted Nicole, and she took on his surname.

Specific details about Keala’s education are currently unavailable.

keala scherzinger

While Kaela Scherzinger has not disclosed her specific occupation, it can be argued that she has gained recognition through her association with her famous sibling, Nicole Scherzinger. Nicole, a 44-year-old actress, has achieved acclaim as a Teen Choice Award-winning artist known for her roles in movies like Chasing Papi, Men in Black 3, Moana, and Annie Live!. Moreover, Nicole is widely recognized as a member of the R&B and pop band The Pussycat Dolls, which has sold 60 million records. The band has released two successful studio albums, namely PCD and Doll Domination. Nicole, a recipient of BMI Pop Awards, has released hit songs such as “Don’t Hold Your Breath,” “Right There,” “Wet,” and “Poison.”


Although Keala and Nicole are half-sisters, they share a strong bond and spend quality time together. They enjoy traveling and surfing, and Nicole also cherishes her relationship with her nieces, often sharing pictures with them.

In her personal life, Nicole is currently in a romantic relationship with Thom Evans, a former rugby player. They began dating in January 2020 and are now happily living together. Their affectionate bond is evident from the pictures they share on their respective Instagram accounts.


Keala Scherzinger kids

Keala, the celebrity sister, and her husband have three gorgeous daughters. In May 2008, they welcomed their first child, Lilliana Leemon, or Lillie. Similarly, in December 2009, they welcomed twin girls Lexie Leemon and Ellie Leemon. Keala and her spouse are currently co-parenting their three gorgeous daughters. Nicole Scherzinger, the Leemon sisters’ aunt, is also very close to them. Furthermore, Keala never misses an opportunity to share beautiful photos of her girls on her Instagram account, which has over 17 thousand followers. Similarly, the Leemon family of five has two bulldogs.

Net Worth Of Keala Scherzinger

As previously stated, Keala keeps her career a secret. As a result, information on her net worth is equally hazy. Keala may be doing some professional employment and making a substantial amount of money. Her Instagram pictures imply that she enjoys a privileged lifestyle. Nicole Scherzinger is a $14 million net-worth American singing artist and actress. Scherzinger rose to international popularity as a member of the Pussycat Dolls, a girl group that began as a burlesque act and was created in the 1970s.

Social Media

Kaela Scherzinger is available on Instagram with over 18,000K on her page.


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