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Jon Taffer Net Worth (With Video)

Jon Taffer's Net worth

Jon Taffer Net Worth:

$14 Million

jon taffer networth
Jon Taffer net worth

How much does Jon Taffer make, and what is his net worth?

Jon Taffer is an American businessman and restaurateur worth $14 million. Jon Taffer is known for being the host of Paramount’s Bar Rescue and for coming up with the idea for the NFL Sunday Ticket. His consulting firm, Taffer Dynamics, Inc., is also well-known. He helps bars, restaurants, and other similar businesses succeed and make more money on his T.V. show. He has made a lot of money by buying and selling bars and restaurants.

Early Years

Jon Taffer was born Jonathan Peter Cass in Great Neck, New York, on November 7, 1954. Taffer was born into a family of business owners, so he always thought he would work in business. After he got his high school diploma in 1972, he went to the University of Denver. He briefly studied political science and cultural anthropology, but then he dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles.



At first, Taffer was interested in music and played the drums while working as a bartender in West Hollywood. Eventually, he became interested in running bars, and in 1989, he opened his own bar. Jon Taffer used to run the Troubador, one of the most famous bars in the U.S.

During this time, Taffer was still working on different business ventures. He got a patent for a new way to play music, and then he came up with the idea for the NFL Sunday Ticket. This idea was very successful for both Taffer and the NFL. Taffer spent many years on the board of NFL Enterprises because of what he did.

By 2010, Jon Taffer was thinking about the bar business again. He became president of the Nightclub and Bar Media Group, which gave him control over the Nightclub & Bar Magazine and the annual Nightclub & Bar Convention.


Bar Rescue

In 2011, Jon Taffer became the main character on Bar Rescue on Spike TV. The show follows Taffer as he helps different bars escape dire situations and get back on track. Taffer’s advice and direction have been beneficial to many of the bars.

But it has also been said that Taffer’s interference in the business models of some of the bars on Bar Rescue has hurt them. Also, many people have said that the show is scripted, at least to some degree. Some bar owners on the show said they were told to lie about how much money they were losing.

However, these bars get free advice from Taffer in exchange for being on the show. Reports say that bars all over the U.S. can fill out an application form online, and those chosen usually get help from the T.V. network with different costs.


“Shut it down!” is Jon Taffer’s catchphrase for the show. He usually shouts this phrase, and in 2016 it was said that he had trademarked it. This means that he is the only one with the right to sell things with that catchphrase.

Extra Activities

Jon Taffer and Karen Kelly wrote a book called Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions together in 2013. Taffer also made an app called BarHQ for managing bars, and he has a podcast called No Excuses.

Personal Life

In the year 2000, Taffer got married to Nicole. From a previous relationship, he has one child. He lives in Las Vegas at the moment.


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