Justin Waller Age, Background, Business, Social Media, Wife

Justin Waller Age

Justin Waller is a social media personality and also a well-established businessman. Justin’s line of business is in real estate and construction. He has been in business for years and he is quite influential.

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Justin Waller age

  • Justin Waller age is 38.
  • The businessman was born on the 4th of December, 1985.

Justin Waller was born in Denham Springs, Louisiana in the United States.

  • His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius

Hair colour
Eye Colour
Dark brown
Weight (in kilograms)107
Weight (in pounds)235
Height (in centimetres)191
Height (in inches)6’3’’
Current residenceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Place of birthDenham Springs, Louisiana, USA
Age38 years old (as of February 2024)
Date of birth4 December 1985
Full nameJustin Waller
ProfessionEntrepreneur, social media influencer
Net worth$10 million–$20 million
University EducationUniversity of Louisiana Monroe
SchoolDenham Springs High School
WifeAlice Waller
Marital statusMarried
MotherJulie Cawther
FatherDouglas Waller


  • John Waller is 6ft and 3 inches tall.
  • He wighs 107kg.

Justin Waller Age, Background, Business, Social Media, Wife 1

Family and ethnicity

  • John Waller is of white ethnicity. His parents are Douglas Waller and Julie Cawther.
  • His father was a manager at BBQ West in West Monroe.
  • He grew up with four siblings: Ben, Elijah, Kristen and Jessica.


  • He proceeded to the University of Louisiana, Monroe where he bagged a degree in Business and Science/Construction management in 2009.
  • Justin Waller’s goal was to become a professional footballer because he played and escell in the sport at high school. He even got a division one scholarship for it.


  • John Waller is a real estate investor, entrepreneur and social media personality. His passion for construction birthed his company, RedIron Construction in 2011.
  • The construction company focuses om both commercial and residential projects and it is known for delivering quality services.
  • The company has its headquarters in Louisiana with additional offices in Miami and Baton Rouge.
  • Justin Waller also owns a real estate company that is operational in about 10 states in the United States of America.
  • He previously worked as a sales officer and cashier at Harbor Freight Tools betwen May 2003 and August 2005.
Justin Waller Age, Background, Business, Social Media, Wife 2
  • He worked at Austin Bridge & Road for five months as a traffic controller.
  • He served as a cost analyst at Cajun Industries, LLC for six months.
  • Justin Waller worked as a labourer from August 1999 to January 2009 at Phil Cawthon Construction.
  • He once had a YouTube page but it was taken down because it reportedly violated some guidelines. However, he often appears on some other channels where he discusses issues around creating wealth, mindset development, business and much more.
  • He can be regarded as a life coach as well.

Justin Waller net worth

  • Justin Waller net worth is estimated to be about $10m as of 2024 according to online sources. He has been in business since 2011.
  • He makes money primarily from his construction company as well as his real estate business.

Are Justin Waller and Andrew Tate related?

  • No, they are not related by blood.
  • They are business partners who share a cordial and professional relationship
  • Andrew according to Naijasuperfans.com findings, encouraged Justin Waller to start his YouTube channel.
  • They have been close friends for years.

Justin Waller wife

  • The entrepreneur is married to Alice and they have been together for over a decade. They have two children together. The family currently reside in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the United States.

Social media

  • Justin Waller is available on Instagram with 976K followers
  • He is also active on X with over 400K followers on his page.
  • He also has a website named justinwallertrw.com

Justin Waller latest news

  • Justin Waller shared a motivational post on his X page about being an entrepreneur.
  • “Entrepreneurship can be very lonely at times. Take pride in the struggle, Pay attention to the man you want to become. You’re doing something that many people aren’t willing to do.”

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