Nidal Wonder’s Age, Accident, Background, Career, Net worth, social media, Girlfriend

Nidal Wonder's Age

Nidal Wonder a celebrity kid who’s known for many talents. The kid is a social media content creator, musician, and a self-taught gymnast. The young internet sensation has gained a lot of followers since he started posting his videos and pictures online.

“Nidal Wonder’s Age” is one of several information people are interested in knowing considering the fame and prestige he now has within a short span of time.

What is Nidal Wonder’s age and what happened to him recently? These questions will be answered on as you read this post.

In addition, will also share information about Nidal Wonder’s background, his career growth, net worth, social medi presence and relationship status.

Beyond Nidal Wonder’s age, you will also get to know the records Nidal Wonder has released so far in his career.

Full NameNidal Ajib
NicknameNidal Wonder
Date of BirthDecember 21, 2010
Age13 years (as of February 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Place of BirthClovis, California, United States
Current ResidenceClovis, California, United States
Net Worth$1 million–$5 million
ProfessionInstagram star, YouTuber, gymnast, singer
Height (inches)4’2″
Height (cm)128
Weight (lbs)80
Weight (kg)36
Hair ColourBrown
Eye ColourBrown

Nidal Wonder’s age

Nidal Wonder’s age is 13 as of April 2024. The singer was born on December 21st 2010 in Clovis, California, United States of America. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Background: Nidal Wonder real name

Nidal Wonder real name is Nidal Ajib. The singer didnt grow up alone. He grew up with three siblings: a boy and a girl. The name of his first brother is Jamel (Juju) while his the name of his second brother is Neshan. His sister’s name is Jehan.

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What happened to Nidal Wonder in March 2024 revealed-Latest news

Nidal Wonder was involved in ghastly road accident on March 5, 2024. The singer was riding on his scooter before he crashed into the side of a car. According to the video posted on his YouTube page by his brother, Juju, Nidal was seen laying on the ground after sustaining mutiple injuries.

Thankfully, emergency responders arrived the scene of the accident swiftly and he was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for a broken leg and collarbone. He was placed on breathing tubes during the process.

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Nidal Wonder reportedly was unconscious for a couple of days and suffered memory loss. However, he was able to speak clearly after he regained conciousness.

The singer got overwhelming support and show of live from his friends, family and fans from his social media accounts.

How tall is Nidal Wonder?

Nidal wonder is 4 ft and 2 inches tall. He also weighs 36kg.

Career path

Before venturing into music, Nidal Wonder taught himself how to flip and he became a gymnast thereafter. Nidal and his brother Juju were inspired by gymnasts on the television and started practicing to see who would do more flips.

Nidal and his brother opened a YouTube channel after perfecting their skills. They started sharing vidoes of their flips on the channel. The name of the channel is Juju and Nidal and it has close to 2m suscribers.

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The duo share a lot of vidoes comprising of different styles and techniques. The most challenging technique is “The Only Real Spiderman’ which has over 11 million views.

He has a family YouTube channel called “The Wonder Family.” The channel has 177k suscribers as of April 2024.

Social media

Nidal Wonder is active on social media. He has a personal Instagram account with 1m followers on his page. He also has a page he shares with his brother. The page has 419k followers.


Nidal Wonder starting doing music at a young age too and he currently has three records. One of the records is a response to rumours online about him dating another young internet star.

  • Shipping Us (The Truth About Their Relationship)
  • The Truth about my Feelings (This is it)
  • They All Ship Nalish

Who is Nidal Wonder girlfriend

Nidal Wonder’s age should immediately show that the singer is single. However, he has been seen togther with Salish Matter who is also quite popular on Instagram. They have appeared in each other’s videos but they are not dating.

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Nidal, in the lyrics of “Shipping Us” responded to the rumours of him being in a relationship with Salish Matter,

“Everybody shippin’ us. Maybe we’re just friends. Everybody shippin’ us. Gotta wait until the end. Maybe in the future, I guess it all depends. But for right now. We’re just friends.”

Net worth

Nidal Wonder’s net worth as of 2024 is said to be between a million and 5 million dollars. He makes money from his music as well as his YouTube pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Nidal Wonder worth? According to various online sources like Stark Times, Popular Networth among others the singer/YouTuber is reportedly worth $1 million.
  2. How many siblings does Nidal Wonder have? He has three siblings: two brothers and a sister.
  3. When does Nidal Wonder celebrate his birthday? Nidal Wonder’s birthday on the 21st of December every year. He was born in 2010. Nidal Wonder’s age is 13.
  4. Who is Nidal Wonder? He is multitalented American YouTuber, Instagram star, singer and gymnast.
  5. Are Salish Matter and Nidal Wonder in a relationship? No, the two are not in a relationship. They have, however, featured in each other’s videos.
  6. What is Nidal Wonder’s real name? His real name is Nidal Ajib.
  7. Nidal Wonder’s height? He is 4 feet 2 inches and he weighs 36kg.

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