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Kelly Rebecca Nichols: All you need to know about the ex-wife of radio show host Alex Jones

Kelly Rebecca Nichols: All you need to know about the ex-wife of radio show host Alex Jones 2

Kelly Rebecca Nichols: All you need to know about the ex-wife of radio show host Alex Jones

There is a need to know more about Kelly Rebecca Nichols according to the trends. In this article, all there is to know about Kelly Rebecca Nichols. Kelly Rebecca Nichols got nationwide attention following her divorce and subsequent custody battle with her estranged husband. Kelly Rebecca Nichols is the ex-wife of controversial American radio show host, Alex Jones.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols was involved in several publicity stunts of the non-profit animal rights organization and who worked with PETA’s public relations department, was herself no stranger to controversies.


As one of three children to her parents; Sandra Kay Heiligman and Edmund Lowe Nichols Kelly Rebecca Nichols were born in Travis County, Texas on July 2, 1968. Her two siblings are James Edmund Nichols who is her brother and sister, Jill Elizabeth Nichols.

To violating federal financial conflicts of interest law, Nichols’ father Edmund is a convicted criminal who pled guilty in 1993. He was a high-level diplomat for the United States government prior to that.

Alex Jones controversial media personality who has been described as America’s leading conspiracy theorist married Kelly Rebecca Nichols in 2007. A son and two daughters before Nichols filed a divorce suit against her husband in December 2013, The couple had three children as Nichols unofficially changed her name to Violet Jones Following the marriage.


Kelly Rebecca Nichols: All you need to know about the ex-wife of radio show host Alex Jones 3

The divorce was finalized in March 2015 over his alleged affair with one of his staff members, Lee Ann McAdoo It was widely reported that Nichols was pushed to divorce her husband.

Jones, however, got full custody of their three children, He was also ordered to hand over the keys and papers to their Austin, Texas mansion as Alex Jones was ordered by the court to pay Nichols the sum of $3.1 million.


Saying that her ex-husband was mentally unstable and also a felon Nichols headed back to court to fight the ruling. Saying he hopes Jennifer Lopes gets raped while threatening Congress member Adam Schiff and actor Alec Baldwin as She cited his numerous outbursts on his show which includes him.

They would turn out worse than he is if the court lets him have them as Nichols reiterated that Jones was not a role model to their children. While giving Kelly the power to decide where their children would live the court awarded joint custody In the end.

Alex Jones was born in Dallas, Texas to Carol and David Jones as Alexander Emric Jones on February 11, 1974. His father David worked as a dentist while his mother was a homemaker as Alex Jones made his name as a conspiracy theory driving radio show host in Austin Texas.


Where he played as a lineman on the school’s football team Jones attended Anderson High School in Austin. Before starting his career as a live, call-in format public-access cable television program host He then attended but dropped out from Austin Community College.

Kelly Rebecca Nichols: All you need to know about the ex-wife of radio show host Alex Jones 4

He also founded the fake news and conspiracy theory website infowars.com Around that time as Jones then began broadcasting his own show through the internet from his home. for not broadening his topics and making it hard for the station to sell the show to advertisers he switched to hosting a radio show on KJFK station but was fired.


It was syndicated on approximately 100 radio stations across the states as Two years later, Jones’ show, titled ‘Alex Jones Show’ became so popular. His reputation as an advocate of national sovereignty, anti-world government, and new world order His audience for both his show and the website kept on growing as years went by.

Which says that abortion, mass immigration, and racial integration are promoted in white countries to make whites a minority there are some of the conspiracies Alex Jones has managed to pedal are the white genocide conspiracy theory.

Which says the government has the ability to control and use the weather as a weapon Another one, among many others, is the weather weapon conspiracy theory. Including NewsWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com as Alex Jones has gone ahead to create a number of other websites.


He is an avid gun rights advocate who reportedly owns around 50 firearms, Jones has managed to sell a huge quantity of different consumer products which include things like bulletproof vests, and dietary supplements Through these websites.

To drum up attention and make waves in the industry Being a controversial figure in the eyes of the media is an effective way. Alex Jones has become an infamous figure who has drummed up plenty of controversy of his own In recent years.

There is a lot about Kelly Rebecca Nichols that most people are completely unaware of In fact, Kelly Rebecca Nichols, actually played a unique part in his rise to mainstream notability as What most people may not know, however, is that Alex Jones’ ex-wife.


Kelly Rebecca Nichols: All you need to know about the ex-wife of radio show host Alex Jones 5

Albeit in a much different arena than Alex it’s really important to go back a little way and see how she started making waves for herself in the industry. She has even been on publications as large as USA Today According to Just Richest Kelly was actually landing on the covers of publications thanks to her work as an animal rights activist During the 90s.

At least something that the masses wouldn’t readily digest as that publication would not waste its time on something that they did not find compelling This is no small feat. Kelly was tabbed to be their head of media operations and public relations, who is a marketing machine in their own right as Her work in animal rights eventually netted her a gig with none other than PETA.


They wanted nothing more than for her to work the same magic for their cause, they saw what she was able to do for herself clearly. In some truly infamous and controversial moments for PETA that caught the eye of the mainstream media it should come as no surprise that Kelly herself has taken part, they will go to extreme lengths to conjure up attention as Now, PETA has never been one to be shy about their views, and, no matter what the cost.

Receiving a considerable amount of attention Kelly would be an instrumental component to none other than Alex Jones Eventually. To ensure that he would follow the same path on his way to mainstream attention she would do anything and everything possible once she was with Alex Jones Kelly Rebecca Nichols had a unique approach to making waves in the public eye for the sake of her cause with PETA.

She was eventually awarded alimony of $43,000 as the pair would officially get divorced back in 2015 After 8 years of marriage. Alex would eventually win as the former couple would get into a custody battle. this was dragged out over the course of several years she would win the case as Kelly would fight for custody again in 2017 Interestingly.


Where she became the head of public relations and media operations of ‘PETA She then moved to Norfolk, Virginia, as Kelly Nichols started working as an animal rights activist After completing her education. The article about Kelly Nichols puts into perspective the relationship between her and Alex Jones.

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