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Kristin Grannis: 20 Things To Know About Jamie Foxx’s Ex-Partner

Kristin Grannis: 20 Things To Know About Jamie Foxx's Ex-Partner 2

Kristin Grannis, a private figure in Hollywood, stepped into the spotlight when her past involvement with Jamie Foxx and their shared daughter became public knowledge. Delve into the mysteries surrounding Kristin’s life, her connection with Foxx, and her journey through the following subheadings.

20 Things To Know About Kristin Grannis

1. Kristin’s Mysterious Presence: Kristin Grannis maintained a notably private existence, prompting questions about her deliberate choice to stay hidden.

2. The Enigma Unveiled: In 2017, revelations about Kristin’s romantic involvement with Jamie Foxx and their ten-year-old daughter surprised fans, sparking inquiries into their dynamics.


3. Kristin’s Decade-Long Role: Playing a pivotal role in Jamie Foxx’s life for over a decade, Kristin’s secrecy raises curiosity about her profession, whereabouts, and rapport with the actor.

4. Kristin Grannis’ Identity: An American licensed marriage and family therapist, Kristin resides in Agoura Hills, California. Initially in public relations, she emerged from secrecy in October 2017.

Kristin Grannis

5. Moments in Los Angeles: Candid photographs captured Kristin embracing and sharing laughter with her daughter, providing a glimpse into their lives since 2009.


6. Age of Kristin Grannis: Born in 1977, Kristin turned 46 in January 2023, adding a personal touch to her enigmatic story.

7. Concealed Hollywood Liaison: Despite Hollywood’s lack of secrecy, Kristin and Jamie’s romantic involvement remained hidden until 2017, challenging fans to reconcile their past relationship.

8. Transition to Candid Parenthood: Post-revelation, Jamie and Kristin transitioned into a more candid phase, openly acknowledging their joint parenthood despite no longer being a couple.

Kristin Grannis

9. Annalise Bishop’s Birth: Jamie Foxx and Kristin welcomed daughter Annalise Bishop on October 3, 2008. As of 2020, she’s a thirteen-year-old with a notable interest in football.

10. Commitment to Parenthood: Despite their shift in relationship, Jamie and Kristin actively participate in Annalise Bishop’s upbringing, fostering an atmosphere of affection.

11. Annalise’s Football Prowess: Annalise Bishop’s football interest was disclosed by Jamie Foxx in 2018, highlighting her unique position as the sole female member in her team.


12. Jamie Foxx’s Relationship Status: In 2017, claims from Kristin Grannis’ father suggested strains in Jamie’s relationship with Katie Holmes, impacting his connection with Kristin and their daughter.

13. Current Residence: Years post-parting, Kristin Grannis resides in Agoura Hills, California, focusing on raising her daughter with indications of a potential return to professional endeavors.

Kristin Grannis: 20 Things To Know About Jamie Foxx's Ex-Partner 3

14. Financial Dependency: Financially, Kristin relies on support from Jamie Foxx to sustain her and her daughter’s needs, as suggested by her father.


15. Silence on Relationship Status: Kristin’s tight-lipped stance on her current relationship status fuels assumptions of her remaining unattached.

16. Speculations on Net Worth: While Kristin Grannis’ net worth is speculative, her father alluded to her possessing a certain level of financial independence.

17. Jamie Foxx’s Net Worth: Jamie Foxx boasts a net worth of about $170 million, solidifying his status as one of Hollywood’s highly paid actors.


18. Social Media Absence: Kristin Grannis avoids social media, maintaining her private persona, with no presence on Twitter or Instagram.

19. Recent Spottings: Though not back together, Jamie Foxx and Kristin were recently spotted in Los Angeles, California, in August.

20. Apology and Antisemitic Controversy: A week before the recent sighting, Jamie Foxx apologized for an Instagram post tagged as antisemitic, adding a layer of intrigue to their dynamic.


Kristin Grannis’ once-private life has become a captivating narrative, revealing a decade-long connection with Jamie Foxx and their shared commitment to parenting. Despite the challenges of public scrutiny, Grannis and Foxx transitioned into a candid co-parenting phase, emphasizing their daughter Annalise’s well-being. Grannis maintains a private existence in California, sparking speculation about her professional endeavors and financial independence. Her deliberate absence from social media highlights the importance she places on privacy. The unfolding story underscores the complexities of personal relationships, the impact of fame, and the enduring strength of familial bonds.

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