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Marcia Harvey: All you need to know about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife

Marcia Harvey: All you need to know about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife 2

Marcia Harvey is an African-American novelist most known for being the ex-wife of Steve Harvey, a comedy phenomenon and television show. She has chosen to live a very private life, partly to avoid the gaze of the media. Although Steve hadn’t even reached anywhere near the level of success he enjoys now, they were married for fourteen years.

There is a need to know more about Marcia Harvey. In this article, all there is to know about Marcia Harvey will be explained. More famous for being the ex-wife of comedic legend and TV host, Steve Harvey, Marcia Harvey is an African-American author.

She lives a very private life, deciding largely to stay away from the eyes of the media. now, they were married for fourteen years although Steve hadn’t even reached anywhere near the level of success he enjoys.


Rumors have always been heard in Hollywood but the actual reasons for the couple splitting up were never known. Some to his choosing a different career path like comedy some attribute it to Steve Harvey’s cheating habits.

While she was pregnant with their third child the tragedy of her life can be traced to the fact that Steve left her and his two daughters. She herself has forged a successful career in fashion and writing in spite of all the hardships.

The generosity of her character has become an inspiration to her children, Marcia: Poems From The Heart’, Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind’ and ‘Marcia: Eyes To The Soul’ are some of her books.


Marcia Harvey: All you need to know about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife 3

Marcia Harvey Career & Fame

Marcia Harvey was born in an African-American family and they were not very rich as Little is known about Marcia Harvey’s early life except that fact. She met Steve a few years later at a mutual friend’s reception party as she started working at a department store named ‘Saks Fifth Avenue’. at that time and the couple was blessed with twin daughters in 1982, Steve was working as an insurance salesman the two fell in love and were married in 1980.

Especially stand-up comedy Steve had already begun to get disillusioned with his job and wanted to make a career in entertainment around that time. Later reports suggested that they were beginning to live apart from 1990 Which created a lot of friction between him and Marcia.


There is no denying that Marcia was pregnant with their third child, Harvey. Although the facts leading to their divorce in 1994 are largely kept a secret as much of Marcia Harvey’s fame came from her marriage and divorce to Steve.

Marcia Harvey was forced to approach the law. Following her divorce and Steve Harvey’s refusal to pay alimony and child, Marcia finally filed for divorce in 1993 when things completely fell apart.

She started her own fashion line and had a successful career, being the fiercely independent woman she was subsequently. What has not been discussed by her are the exact details as to how she not only managed to keep the family together and give her children a secure and happy upbringing.


Who dedicate their massive success in life to her Her humble nature became an inspiration to her three children. and hold onto a steady job, she had to work and take care of her three small children As a single mother.

Marcia Harvey: All you need to know about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife 4

Later in her life with the publication of her first poetry book ‘Marcia: Eyes to the Soul’ Marcia Harvey also became an author. released in April 2011, The book is a dedication to her life with Steve and after their divorce.


Marcia: Poems From The Heart’ (2011) and ‘Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind’ (2014) she went on to write two more books Although the initial book didn’t receive much success.

Marcia Harvey Marriage & Divorce

He completely abandoned the family, When he started to gain fame as Steve Harvey left Marcia and his three children to pursue a career in comedy. This brought a lot of attention to Marcia Needless to say. as support payments, the court ordered Steve to pay Marcia, US$5100 per month, After their divorce was finalized in 1994. Marcia was forced to submit an affidavit to the court But Steve did not pay anything.

Even before his divorce to Marcia was finalized, Later revelations of the divorce proceedings also revealed that Steve had started living with his second wife Mary Lee Harvey as Steve was found guilty of failing to pay support money and owed more than US$36K to her. Marcia now maintains a friendly relationship with Steve as The matter was later resolved and.


Did Marcia Harvey remarry?

Did Marcia Harvey remarry after her divorce from Steve Harvey? Yes, she did. She got married to a man named Larry Green. Marcia had to raise their children on her alone after Steve left them to pursue his career. For many years, he was estranged from his children, but they eventually reconciled and have since developed a great bond. Marcia moved on with her life after their divorce, and she found love and happiness with Larry Green, whom she is currently married to. Larry Greene and Marcia Harvey live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Marcia Harvey is not on any social media networks, which is disappointing for Steve fans expecting to locate photos of the mother of three. Her children, on the other hand, are all on social media and upload images of her on major occasions.

How old is Marcia Harvey?

Marcia Harvey is 67 years old. She was born on January 22, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA She has not revealed anything to the media as Not much is known about her parents and early life.

On August 20, 1982, The couple welcomed their twin daughters Karli and Brandi as She was married to Steve Harvey from 1980 to 1994.


On April 29, 1991, their son, Broderick Harvey Jr. was born as Steve had abandoned them She raised the children up as a single mother. Marcia is a deeply private person and has never been active on social media as She later reportedly married a man named Larry Greene and lives in Cleveland.

Not much is known about her parents, siblings, early life or educational background following her marriage to Steve Harvey from 1980 to 1994 Marcia shot to prominence. the actual reasons for their separation remain unknown as Marcia and Steve were married for fourteen years but later got divorced in 1994.

Marcia Harvey: All you need to know about Steve Harvey’s ex-wife 5


Marcia Harvey raised their children up as single mothers after Steve left them Due to the fact that their marriage didn’t work out well. Born on January 22, 1955, Marcia Harvey is now 66 years. She stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches, her Hair Colour is Black, her Eye Colour is Brown and her Sexual Orientation is Straight.

There is no information on how the pair met or when they met as The relationship between Marcia and Steve goes from a love affair to marriage. There are times when an individual has to compromise in order to sustain the relationship, in any relationship as Marcia and Steve shared a wonderful relationship that many would envy.

What we know now, a rich and famous person had a different story back then The person Steve Harvey as Marcia and Steve had to go through similar phases. He used to work as an insurance salesman at that time he was a normal person who has to earn in order to look for a wife and kids as Steve is not a born celebrity or rich from birth.


Steve was more determinant about his career and ambition as the married life of the pair was blessed but that all came to end when Steve wanted to focus his life as a comedian.
Steve told he opted for his career than his family as he recalls his past as he quit his salesman job which didn’t go well with his then-wife Marcia.

After the divorce from Marcia, Steve Harvey had another failed marriage with Mary Lee Harvey, Marcia and Steve got divorced in 1994 eventually. As for now, he is living a happily married life with Marjorie Bridges Wood. Steve shares a close relationship with his three children from her despite the divorce with his ex-wife Marcia.

Which aims for ensuring the needs of the child are met through the development of programs and support of community-based organizations Daughter Brandi Harvey is an executive director of the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.


Marcia Harvey net worth

There’s no denying that Steve Harvey’s first wife has amassed a sizable fortune from her professions, businesses, and book sales over the years. Her estimated net worth is $1 million. Marcia Harvey is most known as Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, but she is also a wonderful mother and a successful businesswoman. She and her spouse currently reside in Cleveland, Ohio.

Steve Harvey net worth

Karli Harvey is a married woman. She tied the knot with Benjamin Raymond with a wonderful wedding ceremony in 2015. Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey were there in her special moment as Karley Harvey’s wedding was attended by friends and family.

As of 2017, Steve Harvey has a net worth of $140, he earns an immense sum of money which is $40M per year. Like The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, and The Miss Universe are shows Steve is popularly known for


Marcia Harvey is now a businesswoman after her divorce from Steve Harvey by launching her own fashion line. Marcia was a sales rep at a department store During her younger days.

Social Media

Marcia Harvey is not available on any social media platform. She enjoys being off the radar of the media. But her daughters are on Instagram and she often appears in their pictures.


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