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Mike Wassmer: How the former Capital One Card boss died! Background, Family, Career and Net Worth

Mike Wassmer: How the former Capital One Card boss died! Background, Family, Career and Net Worth 2

Who is Mike Wassmer?

Mike Wassmer previously served as the President of Capital One Card. He held several positions prior to becoming President of the Company. His death shocked not only his family, but also the banking and finance industry.

Background and Career

Michael John Wassmer was a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, and friend. On June 16, 2022, at the age of 52, he died peacefully in his sleep. Mike Wassmer was born in Pequannock, New Jersey to Larry and Betty Wassmer. He was an outstanding student and a multi-sport athlete at Vernon High School, excelling in football, track, and wrestling. Mike earned his B.S. in Mathematics from Lafayette College, where he also played football, and his M.S. in Mathematics from Duke University.

Mike Wassmer joined Capital One in 1994 as a Business Analyst and rose through the ranks to become President of Card. Mike particularly enjoyed living in London while working to build the UK Card business during his long career. He was especially proud of his role as Richmond Market President, where he worked to improve the Richmond community’s quality of life.

Mike Wassmer served on the boards of several local nonprofit organizations, including the Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children, The Faison Center, and the Full Circle Grief Center, as part of his commitment to Richmond. Mike’s family is excited to carry on his legacy of community service in Richmond. Mike was also interested in fitness and sports. He never skipped an early morning workout, was always pushing himself, and enjoyed competing in CrossFit and Ironman competitions. Mike was overjoyed to have completed his long-awaited Boston Marathon run in April.

Mike Wassmer

Mike’s greatest joy was without a doubt his family. He saved his best for Andrea, his wife of 21 years, and their three children, Zach, Owen, and Allie. He was a fervent supporter of their ever-changing interests, an attentive listener, and a thoughtful guide.

He was a podcast, article, and playlist sharer, as well as a thoughtful and creative gift giver who was always planning a surprise. He was a reassuring presence at the dinner table, saw opportunities in adversity, and instilled hope in everyone. They are eternally grateful to him and immensely proud of him.


Mike’s father, Larry, and his older brother, Larry Junior, died before him. His mother, Betty Wassmer, siblings Patty Henderson (Wade), Dave Wassmer (Joy), and Cindie Salazar (Ray), sister-in-law Claudia Rinaldi (Lane), and many nieces, nephews, relatives, and friends survive him. Without a doubt, they will miss him greatly.

How did Mike Wassmer died?

The exact cause of Mike Wassmer’s death is unknown. It was not mentioned in his obituary, and his family has kept quiet about it. But the point is that his death was unexpected and, of course, painful.Mike Wassmer, President of Card at Capital One, died unexpectedly on June 16, 2022, at the age of 52. Rich Fairbank, the company’s founder and CEO, informed employees of the tragic news:


Net Worth

Mike Wassmer’s exact net worth is unknown, but as the former president of a large financial corporation, he must have earned a good living while in that position. Mike Wassmer worked for Capital One for 28 years before passing away at the age of 52. He worked as a Business Analyst for the company before becoming an executive in a large department. He worked in the UK company, Mainstreet card business, and branded cards business, eventually rising to the position of department president.

According to some estimates, Mike has a net worth of approximately $23 million, which he amassed while working as a senior executive at Capital One. Mike earned $5,618 230 as the Director of the Card Business in America. Mike Wassmer’s Crossfit statistics are available on the Crossfit portal, where he scored 7202 nationally for the (50-54) age bracket. Mike Wassmer’s net worth is estimated to be between $25 and $40 million.


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