Brett Ashley Cantwell: All you need to know about Nick Sirianni’s wife. 

Brett Ashley Cantwell: All you need to know about Nick Sirianni's wife.  2

On a positive note, there are more than a handful of ways to become popular. While some became prominent figures in the society or in their careers, endeavours others didn’t have to do that much. Their popularity came as a result of their relationship with a big name. 

Brett Ashley Canteell belongs to these sect of people. It’s not the case that she was idle before getting married to a well-known figure but the point we are trying to establish is that people (the media and fans) started paying attention to her. 

We shall be telling you more about Brett Ashley Cantwell in this post. You will get to know about her background, career, relationship with Nick Sirianni. 

Brett Ashley Cantwell Background 

Brett Ashley Cantwell is a stunning American woman who is married to Nick Sirianni and is an NFL coach.

Her affair with Philadelphia Eagles manager Nick Sirianni, an American NFL coach, catapulted her into the spotlight.

Brett Ashley Cantwell: All you need to know about Nick Sirianni's wife.  3
Brett Ashley Cantwell

Brett is a supporting, kind, and understanding wife for a man who has had a successful coaching career in the short time since being the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach. There isn’t much information on Brett Ashley, but we do know a few things after doing some investigation.

Brett Ashley Cantwell was born in  Missouri, the United States to Debbi and Brad Cantwell. Brett has kept her age a secret from the public. She no longer has an official social media account. She prefers to maintain a low profile and a private existence away from the spotlight.

Her birthdate, family background, siblings, school friends, education, and occupation are all unknown at this time. We only have a limited information on her right now because her main claim to fame was her friendship with Nick.

Brett Ashley is a professional school teacher before deciding to devote her whole time to her family. She is a smart, hardworking, loving, and caring wife.

Nick Sirianni Background and Career 

Nick Sirianni’s an NFL coach in the United States where he met his wife. Nick was working as a coach at the time, while Brett was still teaching.

They began dating shortly after meeting a highly solid relationship that led to marriage barely two years after they became engaged in 2012. 

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Nick Sirianni, her Italian-American spouse, was born in 1981. He’s in his forties. He is Italian and American by birth. Jay and Mike Sirianni were his two siblings. Mike is the manager of Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pennsylvania

Amy Sirianni, Nick’s father, was a student at the school where Nick graduated in 1999. He began his coaching career as the defensive back coach for the school’s football team.

Brett Ashley Cantwell: All you need to know about Nick Sirianni's wife.  5
PHILADELPHIA, PA – JULY 28: Head coach Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagles talks to the media during training camp at the NovaCare Complex on July 28, 2021 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

He made it to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he later became the wide receivers coach. Nick got an interview thanks to a nudge from a friend, and it changed and shaped his career.

He was hired as the Chicago Bears’ wide receivers coach shortly after the interview. After that, Nick joined the Indiana Colts in 2018. Nick Sirianni became the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles not long after, in 2021. His first game was a thrashing 32-6 win over the Atlantic Falcons.

Brett Ashley Cantwell Net Worth 

Her estimated net worth is $500,000. Brett has chosen to keep her current employment, earnings, and business details confidential.

As a former teacher in Springfield, Missouri, she is paid a monthly salary of $55,545. Nick has a $3 million net worth as a result of his NFL coaching profession.

Brett Ashley Cantwell is now a happily married housewife who looks after her family.

Social Media 

Brett Ashley Cantwell isn’t available on any social media platform. She tend to stay away from media attention as devote her time to her family instead. 

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