Nigerians in Lebanon help in a street clean-up after massive sea port explosion! (Picture)👇

A group of four Nigerians to a street in Beirut, Lebanon to help in cleaning the streets after last week’s explosion at the City’s port.

They put on the Super Eagles jersey previous jersey as they helped the locals in sweeping and packing dirts on the streets.


Reports has that ammonium nitrate confiscated in a Cargo ship named Rhosus exploded. The explosion as at the time of this publication has led to over 220 deaths, 6000+ injuries, about 300,000 displaced persons and more than 110 people are still missing.

The Government of Lebanon, after several days of relentless protests by the citizens has resigned.

Lebanese in Prime Minister said his government came in tonight corruption but he has realised that corruption is bigger than the state.

He said;

I set out to combat corruption, but I discovered that corruption is bigger than the state,”

“I declare today the resignation of this government. God bless Lebanon.”

Prior to the explosion, Lebanon has been witnessing economic crisis, increase in COVID-19 tolls and the Government has been facing accusations of mismanagement and corruption.

Quote via Wall Street Journal

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