Nigerians show-off “Aso Ebi” ahead of Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Jan 20th Inuaguration! Video👇

Nigerians, given the opportunity, won’t hesitate to turn the simplest evident into a full scale party. It’s inherent, anywhere Nigerians are, especially the Yoruba tribe, there is usually no “dull moment” and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are about to get a taste of what it feels like.

Ahead of the January 20th Inauguration ceremony of US President and Vice President-elect, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the Capitol, Nigerians in the United States are living no stone unturned.

It is meant to be a short and simple political ceremony but some Nigerians who are obviously staunch supporters Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are taking it a step further.

Joe Biden

In a video circulating online, two Nigerian men were seen at a car park displaying their “Aso Ebi” ( a family uniform/attire worn by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria during any occasion like wedding, burial and so on) in preparation for the Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony on Wednesday.

The two men were filled with joy as they showed forth their Ankara Aso Ebi as they prepare to attend the ceremony.

See video👇


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