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Rick Ness Girlfriend: Who is the Gold Rush star dating Lesse Marie? 

Rick Ness Girlfriend: Who is the Gold Rush star dating Lesse Marie?  2

One of the things you should expect from fans once you become a celebrity or popular is their ever-inquisitive nature about your private delaings. Not just the fans but also the media. 

Knowing you by just your face and name is that enough. They would also want to know about your relationship, how much you earn, what you eat at night, who your girlfriend or boyfriend or wife or husband is among many other questions. 


Recently, a lot of people on the internet have been searching for answers as regards Rick Ness girlfriend. People want to know who Rick Ness girlfriend is and whether they are still together as of 2022.

The purpose of this post is to provide answers about who Rick Ness girlfriend is, and whether they are still together or not. Also, you will get to know more about Rick Ness. Details regarding his background, career and net worthwhile be shared. 

Who is Rick Ness?

Although gold mining is difficult, it can give a significant amount of money. This is why Rick Ness gave up his singing career to pursue his passion for digging. He joined the cast of Gold Rush, a Discovery Channel reality show. Rick Ness has a net worth of $3 million in 2022 as a gold miner and TV personality.


Richard “Rick” Ness and his twin brother Randy were born on March 5, 1981. His hometown is Escanaba, Michigan. He grew up dealing with huge machinery because his father operated a construction company.

Rick Ness Girlfriend: Who is the Gold Rush star dating Lesse Marie?  3
Rick Ness Girlfriend Leese Marie

In 1999, he graduated from Escanaba Area High School. He had a variety of hobbies as a teenager, but in college, he chose to play football. An injury, however, ended his dreams of becoming a professional athlete.

He and his mother moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2003. He opted to pursue a musical career by founding the.357 String Band. They went on to record three albums and tour the world.



Parker Schnabel, a Gold Rush fan favourite, originally introduced Ness to gold mining. Despite having no prior mining expertise, he immediately established himself as a valuable part of Parker’s crew.

In the third season of Gold Rush, he made his first appearance. His aversion to sleeves is well-known among his fans. He operated a loader, grader, and dozer with his construction experience.

Rick soon rose through the ranks to become Parker’s right-hand man and foreman. Parker put him in charge of his second venture, which was on the Indian River.

Rick Ness Girlfriend: Who is the Gold Rush star dating Lesse Marie?  4

As Schnabel’s foreman, Rick Ness was responsible for keeping his boss informed at all times. This, however, was not accomplished at the Panama Canal site.

He hired four staff on his initiative. Parker estimated that this would cost him $50,000, so he approached Rick and offered that he start his gold mine. In the ninth season of Gold Rush, Ness chose to form his mining crew as a result of this.

Fortunately, it was a hit, and Rick set the record for most gold mined by a mine boss in his first year on the show. He and Parker have stayed buddies as well.


Rick Ness Net Worth 

His main source of income is his per-episode pay as a member of the Gold Rush cast. Rick Ness is said to earn $25,000 per episode on the show. This number is only anticipated to rise as the show continues to gain popularity.

There are, of course, his earnings as a gold miner. Rick formerly worked as a musician and vocalist in addition to his reality television and mining accomplishments. His net worth is $3 million as a result of all of his endeavours.

Rick Ness Girlfriend

Rick Ness’ Girlfriend: What Happened? Recently, there have been allegations concerning Gold Rush star Rick Ness’ partner on the internet. “What Happened To Rick Ness Girlfriend?” has been a popular question among Rick Ness’ fans recently. Rick Ness’s Girlfriend: What Happened? To find out, read this article all the way through.


Who is Rick Ness Girlfriend Leese Marie? 

Yes, Leese Marie is Rick Ness girlfriend. She appears to be in her late 30s or early 40s, but we know very little about her. On numerous websites, her birthday is listed as October 25, however this cannot be verified.

Rick Ness Girlfriend: Who is the Gold Rush star dating Lesse Marie?  5

In April, Rick announced Marie’s presence on Gold Rush Season 12 on his Facebook page. On Facebook in August, Rick conveyed his gratitude to Marie for accompanying him to the Yukon. He scribbled next to a photograph of them.

Several followers, including Rick Ness, assume Marie is from Milwaukee, despite the fact that her city and country are unknown.


Leese Marie looks to be even more private than Rick, as she does not have any publicly accessible social media accounts.

What happened to Rick Ness Girlfriend?

Rick Ness is now in a relationship with Leese Marie. The couple has been seeing one other for the past year. He and Leese announced their romance on social media on November 16th, 2020, after being together for a long period. Rick usually dates women 10 years his junior, but he does date older women on occasion. He had a serious girlfriend for over a year, with whom he had an on-again, off-again relationship until July 2020.

Did Rick Ness and Leese break up or still together? 

When it comes to Rick Ness’ dating life, one of his co-stars, Ann Charton, was once rumoured to be romantically involved with him.


Anna Charton works as a gold room operator during the California Gold Rush. On the other hand, Rick claims that all of the rumours are false. Rick and Ann have maintained a close friendship off-screen, and their on-screen connection has generated rumours that they are dating. He responded to his detractors by posting images on social media of himself and his attractive girlfriend, Leese Marie, in which they appear to be happy together. On November 16, 2020, they made their romance official by announcing it. As a result, they have yet to tie the knot romantically.

Social Media 

Rick Ness is active on Facebook and a bit active on Instagram. He has over 36,000 followers on Instagram


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