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Sherrill Sajak Pat Sajak’s Ex-Wife: Background, Career, Net Worth

Sherrill Sajak Pat Sajak's Ex-Wife: Background, Career, Net Worth 2

Who is Sherrill Sajak?

Sherrill Sajak was born in the United States in 1945 – exact date unknown – and rose to prominence through her marriage to television presenter Pat Sajak; the show “Wheel of Fortune” brought him enormous popularity across the United States.

Sherrill is one of the women who dislikes being exposed to the media, regardless of whether their partner is a public figure. She keeps her personal life private and has never discussed her career. Furthermore, nothing is known about her education or family background; she is a rather mysterious woman.

Marriage and Divorce

Sherrill Sajak met Pat in Nashville, Tennessee, and they dated for less than a year before deciding to marry in 1979, in a small ceremony attended only by their family and loved ones. What few people know is that this was not her first marriage, but their marriage was idyllic, and they became inseparable, so no one could ever suspect that something was not working properly.

Sherrill Sajak Pat Sajak's Ex-Wife: Background, Career, Net Worth 3

However, after seven years of marriage, the couple divorced, separating in 1985 and completing the divorce in 1986. Neither of them publicly stated the reasons for their divorce, but despite appearances, they allegedly did not spend enough time together.

Pat Sajak’s second wife

Nonetheless, Pat wasted no time in marrying another woman, Lesley Brown, in 1989. Sherrill, on the other hand, did not remarry, and there is no evidence that she has had a boyfriend since the divorce.

Sherrill Sajak

She is now 73 years old and still single, and it is assumed that she will remain so for the foreseeable future, as it appears unlikely that she will find another life partner.


Pat married Lesly Brown on New Year’s Eve in 1989; they lived in Severna Park, Maryland, and then in Los Angeles, California. Although these two appear to be happy all the time, rumors have circulated that Pat is unfaithful to his wife and has cheated on her with his colleague, Vanna White, but two of them denied this, citing their brother-sister relationship.

He was embroiled in more than one controversy. In 2014, he published a tweet announcing his heterosexuality! This surprised people because they usually ‘out’ as gay or lesbian. Did this imply that he was anti-gay rights? We assume he said this as a joke because he later stated that neither of his wives was aware of his heterosexuality.

Sherrill Sajak’s Net Worth

Sherrill Sajak’s net worth is estimated to be more than $2 million as of early 2020, earned through success in her various endeavors. While her profession is unknown, she most likely benefited from her husband’s success and their divorce settlement – he has a net worth estimated to be more than $65 million from his successful career on television.


Where is Sherill Sajak now?

It is unknown if Sherrill remarried or had children after her marriage to Pat. Pat, on the other hand, married Lesly Brown Sajak, with whom he has two children. One of his children went on to become a country music star. Her ex-husband is a member of the Church of Christ, but it is unknown if she shares his beliefs. It is also unknown whether she holds conservative political beliefs.

Pat Sajak net worth

Pat Sajak has a net worth of $70 million as a former weatherman, current television personality, actor, and game show host. Sajak is best known as the long-running host of the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” Pat is paid $14 million per year for his work on “Wheel.”


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