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Sibylle Szaggars (Robert Redford wife): 10 interesting facts to know about the popular artist

Sibylle Szaggars (Robert Redford wife): 10 interesting facts to know about the popular artist 2

Who is Sibylle Szaggars? 

Sibylle Szaggars Redford is an artist who focuses on the environment. She is a German native who has dedicated her life to Mother Nature. Her work has been shown in practically every country on the planet, including Europe, Peru, Japan, Suriname, and the United States of America.

The outdoors and old age culture provide her with the most of her inspiration. “Rainfall,” one of her most well-known works, highlighted her genuine concern for the environment.


Sibylle Szaggars later made a film called “The Way of the Rain” based on her paintings. Her family had multiple excursions to Malaysia, Morocco, and Europe when she was a child, which nurtured her creativity as an artist.

Sibylle Szaggars net worth

Sibylle Szaggars Redford undoubtedly gets a substantial sum of money from her employment. She has never revealed her earnings or net worth, however. Her net worth is thought to be in the seven-figure range. On the other side, Robert Redford’s net worth is reported to be $170 million. The pair has bought a lot of houses together. Robert Redford and his wife live in a large, magnificent home in the United States.

How old is Sibylle Szaggers? 

What is sibylle Szaggers age? Sibylle Szaggers has 65 years on this planet. She was born in Germany on April 14, 1957. She will be 65 in 2022, and her zodiac sign is Aries. She is of Caucasian ancestry and possesses German citizenship.


Who is Sibylle Szaggers husband? 

Sibylle Szaggers, a well-known environmental artist, is married to Robert Redford. “Who is Robert Redford married to?” is a common question. Robert Redford is a married man who has been married twice in his life. Lola Van Wagenen was his first wife, whom he married in 1958. 

Sibylle Szaggars (Robert Redford wife): 10 interesting facts to know about the popular artist 3
Sibylle Szaggers husband Robert Redford

Later, in 1985, they divorced. They had four children together, one of whom went on to become an actor in the United States. On July 11, 2009, he married Sibylle Szaggars. He has had relationships with three additional ladies in addition to his two spouses. Sibylle Szaggars is Robert Redford’s wife.

Sibylle Szaggers wedding 

Hollywood veteran Robert Redford went down the aisle with German artist Sibylle Szaggars. He was getting married for the second time.


The wedding of the 72-year-old actor and 51-year-old Sibylle, who had been in a relationship since 1996, was officiated by the pastor of a German church.

According to local news reports, the bride wore a champagne-hued gown and the groom wore a white suit. The bride is an abstract painter whose work has been exhibited internationally. The wedding was attended by about 30 friends and family members.

Robert and Sibylle, who have been living together for nearly ten years on his 5,500-acre eco-friendly ranch in Utah, announced their engagement in May of last year.


Sibylle Szaggers Art

Sibylle Szaggars (Robert Redford wife): 10 interesting facts to know about the popular artist 4
Sibylle Szaggars (Robert Redford wife): 10 interesting facts to know about the popular artist 5
Sibylle Szaggars (Robert Redford wife): 10 interesting facts to know about the popular artist 6

What disease does Robert Redford have?

A tabloid said in December that Robert Redford was on the verge of death due to a polio return. When the report was released, Gossip Cop looked into it. We’re revisiting the story now that some time has elapsed.

The National Enquirer said that the iconic actor’s meeting with Pope Francis in 2019 was an ominous sign. Redford was “feeble and tired,” according to a source, who claimed the actor was suffering from post-polio syndrome (PPS). Despite the fact that Redford was diagnosed with the condition as a child, Gossip Cop was not sure he was in poor health as the tabloid claimed.


Her artistic expression spans decades, beginning with oil sketches and photographs of her travels to Morocco, canvas expressions inspired by her visits to the American Indian Pueblo, and large oil paintings in which she investigates “The Shape of Color.”


An abstract known as watercolour generated by the monsoon rains of Santa Fe, New Mexico and California is one of her most recent works. Szaggars has worked in the environmental sector for almost four decades and has always wanted to create art that transcends languages, words, politics, and culture.

She creates work with the intention of reaching out to the entire world’s awareness, which is inextricably linked to and reliant on the universe and its surrounds. She entered the realm of performance art in search of a louder voice, as a way of honoring the communal elements and as an artistic medium for environmental initiatives.

Sibylle Szaggers created a model for a theatrical performance called “The Way of the Rain” in 2013 with the help of David Thor, an Icelandic composer and musician. This performance combined many types of dance, series, light, music, spoken word, and her original stage background of “Rain Painting Skills,” which symbolised water pouring from the clouds. 


Throughout Sibylle Szaggers career as an artist, she has collaborated with a variety of composers, choreographers, and performers from around the world, offering performances at venues such as the Stem auditorium at Camegie Hall and the United Arab Emirates of Abu Dhabi.

Her company, The Way of The Rain, Inc., was founded by her. This is a non-profit whose mission is to create, produce, and present educational and creative performances. The organization’s activities are themed and geared to raise public awareness in support of Mother Nature’s conservation.

How many painters can one encounter in their lifetime? Maybe a few. Art and inventive people have a unique perspective on the world and are extremely sensitive and attentive. They concentrate on the details that we overlook. Sibylle Szaggars is one of these perceptive painters. Sibylle had dedicated her life to creating art that explored the relationship between nature, land, life, and the universe in various forms.


Her acts and works are intended to raise public awareness about the dangers of environmental activity. She derives her ideas from the objects around her. Antiques and Mother Nature are two examples.

10 interesting facts about Sibylle Szaggers 

  • Sibylle Szaggars-Redford is her nickname.
  • Pink, purple, and blue are her favorite colors. She is from Hamburg, Germany, and she enjoys chicken.
  • Germany is her favorite place to visit.
  • Sibylle Szaggar has a slender figure.
  • Her hair has a dark brown color.
  • Her eyes have a brownish-dark color.
  • Sibylle Szaggar is a white woman.
  • Sibylle Szagger is a self-taught environmental artist. 


The principle of pure art is to provoke rather than to portray. Sibylle Szaggars is one of the few true artists whose immaculate paintings have captivated a large audience. Sibylle is also well-known for being the wife of actor Robert Redford. She has always been passionate about drawing and painting about nature and things that harm the environment, even since she was a child.


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