Suspected Fulani Herdsmen chop off farmer’s hand, rape two teenagers and destroy farmlands in Oyo State. Details 👇

Suspected Fulani Herdsmen chop off farmer’s hand, rape two teenagers and destroy farmlands in Oyo State. Details

Farmers in Ikoyi-Ile, Ordre Local Government Area of Oyo State have vowed to take up to arms and defend themselves following a recent attack by suspected Fulani Herdsmen that saw a farmer’s hand chopped off, others injured, two teenagers raped and farmlands destroyed.

According to the Babalaje of Agbe (Chairperson of Farmers) in the local government, Oyekola Joseph, who is also the secretary of Idera Agbe Famers’ Association in the council, he said the attacks have been going for close to a decade.

He also alleged that the king of the town, who is meant to protect them is more or less backing the attackers who he labelled as “Bororo’ against the locals

He said;

We don’t know what to do because if we take any step or revenge, it may lead to bloodshed. We want the government to help us and take necessary steps because the king that supposed to defend us, has failed in his duties; he is now backing the Bororo against us.”

“Herdsmen cut off the hand of one of our workers working on the farm. They destroyed our farm products. Another farmer was inflicted with machete cut on the head, while others were injured, and two of our minors were also raped.”

However, the Onikoyi of Ikoyi-Ile, Abdul-Yekeen Oladipupo, said he has explored many options to solve the attacks by suspected Fulani Herdsmen in his town but none seems to be working as the attacks on farmers and their farmlands continues.

He said;

We have tried to resolve the issue many times because it is difficult to separate farmers and herders. We have been living together for a while. I have taken a lot of steps in the matter so as to find a lasting solution to. But it seems my efforts wasn’t enough. So, we need government intervention in the matter.”

“I have had a series of meetings with the village heads (bales) around me to find a solution. In fact, I had meetings with the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, in Osogbo (headquarters of Zone 11, composing Oyo, Osun and Ondo State), together with the Commissioner of Police, and the police”

Daudu Usman and Dominic Gbegbi, two of the victims of the recent attack narrated their ordeals after the attack.

Daudu whose 20 hectares of tomato, maize and yam farmland got destroyed by the suspected Fulani Herdsmen said;

They have not stopped the attacks on our farms. We have pleaded with them several times, yet they didn’t yield to our plea. They are ‘Bororo’ because the Fulani that was already on the ground don’t use to have an issue with us.”

Source: The SUN Nigeria

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