The positive sides of the “new” European Super League

The positive sides of the “new” European Super League

The creation of the European Super League replacing the UEFA Champions League has drawn a lot of criticism.

The reaction to the European Super League has mostly been negative.

However, it is not all doom and gloom as it is been reported by the mass media.

Here are some of the positives to the newly created European Super League

1 The best team play more often

Let us be frank with ourselves, nobody is interested in watching Barcelona versus Dinamo Zagreb or Real Madrid vs Krasnodar.

The reason we know this is that the game that has the biggest viewing involves big teams such as the El Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona or Liverpool against Barcelona.

These are the game that draws the attention of the fans based on intensity and star players and the European Super League bring that to the screens more often than the Champions League which will be well accepted.

2 The discovery of change

As the case is we all are in most cases critical of change but humans are always adaptable to various situations.

The European Super League offers a drastic change which by starting will bring about the curiosity of football fans across the world either to notice the best players, the success or failure of the competition.

Like Real Madrid president Florentino Perez said, taking the biggest football teams out of the control of UEFA means that the administration takes a different level which could offer new changes such as reduction in duration and others.

In conclusion, the European Super League is not as bad as it seems with the founding teams trying to carve a new landscape for football.




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