Is it high time for Jose Mourinho to take a break from Football?

Is it high time for Jose Mourinho to take a break from Football?

If as a football fan, you haven’t heard the news about Jose Mourinho’s sacking as Tottenham Hotspur’s boss, perhaps one can conclude that you have been living under the Olumo Rock for the past 24 hours.

Fans woke to the news of Jose Mourinho’s sacking on Tuesday morning which for many didn’t come as a surprise to some football considering how Tottenham went from topping the league after their famous 2-0 win over Manchester City in November to struggling to make the top four.

Tottenham’s abysmal ouster from the Europa League to Dynamo Zagreb in the second round despite having a two-goal advantage in the first leg also became a major factor that could define his first full season in charge of the North London club.

Tottenham’s home form didn’t help matters as well with 18 points dropped from winning position this season, they are only second to Brighton in that regard. The Seagulls have dropped 20 points.

Before the game against Everton last Friday, Jose Mourinho said he knows why losing points from a winning position has been happening repeatedly but he’s not ready to discuss it.

“I know why it happened.”

“I know also that you can look at it from a different perspective. A team that starts matches well, starts winning matches, means something positive that you like to forget. The positive aspect of that, but I agree with you in the sense that when you are in winning positions and lose points, there are also negative things to it.”

“That’s what I’m not ready to discuss with you. I think it has to do with some of our qualities as a team, but I’m not ready to discuss with you.”

In as much as his shortcomings at the club outweigh the positives at the club this season, some critics have criticized Daniel Levy, the club chairman for sacking Jose Mourinho considering he’s five points adrift of the top four and also because he’s in a league final.

They further argued that why sack manager if he’s in a Cup final when the essence of appointing him initially is to win trophies for the club – a feat his predecessor didn’t achieve in his five years stint at the club.

On the flip side, an insider report suggests that Jose Mourinho’s sacking was a result of his refusal to take the train the team on Monday after he reportedly criticized Tottenham’s European Super League participation.

For the first time since he came into the limelight in his coaching career, the Portuguese will be leaving a club without winning a trophy.

Sacking has become a recurring decimal in Jose Mourinho’s career his recent times and some have argued that he needs to work on his man-management skills given his track record of having issues with managing big stars, the Paul Pogba “virus” tag comes to mind during his time at Manchester United.

Also, critics say he needs to take a break from football, re-invent himself just like Pep Guardiola did when he left Barcelona in 2012.

However, Jose Mourinho while packing some of his items after from his apartment told a SkySports Journalist he is not taking a break from football.

When asked if he will take a break or go on vacation, he said

“No, No breaks, I’m still in Football”

Jose Mourinho is no doubt still a big coach given his records but his ability to coach a top club at it seems might be under threat considering how he has fared with managing big players and the “third season syndrome” of failure which didn’t even happen at Tottenham.

All these points to the opinion that taking a break off football might be the solution for the 58-year-old Setubal native.

Mourinho left the North London club with a record of  45 wins, 17 draws and 24 losses in 86 games after 17 months.


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