This mask can cure COVID-19 and other viruses, see pictures

This mask can cure COVID-19 and other viruses, see pictures

Garreth Cave a Nottingham Trent University scientist has invented a face mask that can ”kill viruses including COVID-19 and influenza upon contact.

According to reports, this mask features five layers, unlike most face masks that feature a three-layer design.

This mask has an antiviral layer made of nano-copper ions that are emitted once in contact with a virus, causing the virus to die and stop reproducing.

Speaking about the mask Dr Gareth Cave said; “The mask we’ve developed has been proven to inactivate viruses upon contact; the antiviral layer kills virus which has been blocked by the filter layers.

“The challenge with conventional surgical-type masks is that they only block virus from entering or exiting the mask. They don’t have an active mechanism for killing it once it’s trapped in the mask.

“Our new antiviral mask has been designed to utilise the existing barrier technology and combine it with our nanotechnology to kill the virus once it is trapped there.

“We’ve added the barrier layer to both sides of the mask so not only does it protect the wearer but also those around. By killing the virus on contact, it also means that the used face mask can be safely disposed of and not be a potential source of passive transfer.”

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