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Toie Roberts: All you need to know about Rick Ross’ pregnant 19-year-old daughter! 

Toie Roberts: All you need to know about Rick Ross' pregnant 19-year-old daughter!  2

Today, we shall be profiling another popular individual who is not famous for being a businesswoman but particularly for being the daughter American rapper and record producer, Rick Ross. 

In this post, we shall be sharing the what we know about Toie Roberts as well as providing answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Toie Roberts. 

Who is Toie Roberts? 

Toie Roberts: All you need to know about Rick Ross' pregnant 19-year-old daughter!  3

Toie Roberts is an entrepreneur and the daughter of Rick Ross, a well-known rapper, songwriter, and record executive.


Roberts owns the apparel label Two Clothing as well as the Ashanti Beauty cosmetics line. She is spotted writing about her passion of fashion and make-up on her TikTok account.

In addition, the cosmetic brand of the entrepreneur has 3,131 Instagram followers. Her father looks to be enthusiastic about her profession and hobbies. He is an amazing parent who adores his son.

How old is Toie Roberts? 

Toie Roberts is currently 19 years old. She was born in the United States on March 17, 2002.


Her zodiac sign is Pisces, according to her birthday. She is the daughter of Rick Ross, also known as William Leonard Roberts II. On January 28, they were seen celebrating Rick’s birthday. In addition, Toie, like her father, receives a lot of love and support. Rick recently celebrated his 46th birthday. He was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi, on January 28, 1976.

Toie Roberts boyfriend

Toie Roberts, Rick Ross’s daughter, is now without a boyfriend. However, because she is pregnant, she must have had at least one previous relationship.

Toie was and probably still is her father’s girl, but when news of her pregnancy broke, Rick was seen unfollowing her on Instagram.


It’s possible that he disapproves of his child’s decision to become a teen mother.

Toie Roberts: All you need to know about Rick Ross' pregnant 19-year-old daughter!  4

Furthermore, the identity of Toie’s baby’s father is still unknown. She is a bit quiet when it comes to her personal life, as there were no indicators of her dating anyone prior to her pregnancy joy.

Is Toie Roberts expecting a baby? 

Toie Roberts, Rick Ross’ daughter, is expecting her first child! On Wednesday (Jan. 26), Toie was out celebrating her father’s birthday when she chose to flaunt her burgeoning baby belly.


Roberts captioned photos of herself posing in a blue dress that embraced her physique with the phrase “Pushin’.” In referring to her large stomach, the 19-year-old said, “literally.”

Monica Denise remarked, “Congratulations,” in reaction to the news that Toie Roberts is expecting a child. Another fan stated, “Growing up.”

A few years ago, there were reports that Toie was expecting a kid. Roberts, who was 17 at the time, did not reply to the rumors. Rick Ross was likewise deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly de Rick unfollowed his daughter on Instagram for a while, leading some to believe the claims were genuine. The reports, however, proved out to be untrue in the end.


Toie Roberts siblings 

Rick Ross has four children, one of which is Toie. The Hip Hop entrepreneur gave his son, William Roberts, a Wingstop franchise for his Sweet 16 birthday just a few months ago. “Everyone sends their best wishes to my son @mmgbigbank.” Last September, Rick wished his social media followers a “HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY.” Ross continued, “Today he became the owner of his own @wingstop franchise.” The celebrity parent wrote to his son, “You’re now officially a BOSS.” “Don’t give up.”

Social Media 

Toie Roberts uses the handle @t4ysav on Instagram. She is a frequent user of social media. Her profile, however, has yet to be verified by the relevant website.

Roberts has 262k followers and follows 207 people on Instagram. She has a total of 12 posts. Her old account, mmg princess, has been disabled. She now primarily posts about herself and her baby bump. In addition, Toie’s profile is as stunning as she is. Her admirers adore her. “CEO- @ashantibeautycosmetics @shopfourtwo,” her Instagram bio reads.


Toie Roberts parents 

Rick Ross, Toie Roberts’ father, and Lastonia Leviston, her mother, are her parents. William Roberts III, Berkeley Hermes Roberts, and Billion Leonard Roberts are her three half-brothers/sisters.

Toie Roberts: All you need to know about Rick Ross' pregnant 19-year-old daughter!  5

Robert’s father is a well-known rapper and record label boss. The bidding war was centered on him. His first single, titled “Hustlin,” was published in 2006.

Lastonia, Toie’s mother, received a five-million-dollar settlement from 50 Cent for releasing her sex footage with his own personal comments. After the video went viral, she was thrust into the spotlight.


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