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Trevian Kutti was arrested for what reason? Net worth of Kanye West’s publicist

Trevian Kutti was arrested for what reason? Net worth of Kanye West's publicist 1
Kanye West | Trevian Kutti

Learn more about Kanye West publicist’s net worth and Instagram account.

Trevian Kutti is a brand strategist and marketer. According to sources, she allegedly coerced a Georgia election worker to concede to bogus fraud claims on December 10, 2021.

Let us learn more about the events that led to Trevian Kutti’s arrest in detail.


Trevian Kutti was arrested for what reason? 

Trevian Kutti was arrested for what reason? Net worth of Kanye West's publicist 2
Trevian Kutti

Publicist for Kanye West, Trevian Kutti, a former R. Kelly publicist and current Kanye West associate, was arrested weeks after the 2020 presidential election for allegedly forcing a 62-year-old Georgia poll worker to confess to voter fraud and claims, according to Reuters.

“a Kanye West associate and FORMER PUBLICIST TO R KELLY” Today’s worst person in the world is Trevian Kutti. #maddow https://t.co/WII9bwnkve — Team Pajamas (@kfairwrites) December 11, 2021

Kutti allegedly paid Ruby Freeman a visit on Jan. 4, 2021, and offered her assistance in the wake of death threats she claimed she was receiving after being attacked by Trump and a far-right website stating that Freeman and her daughter used suitcases of fake Biden ballots to help him win. Those ballots were found to be valid.


The couple filed a slander case against The Gateway Pundit later this month.

According to the lawsuit, the publication’s articles sparked a wave of intimidation, harassment, and threats, prompting them to change their phone numbers, deactivate their online identities, and worry for their safety.

How old is Trevian Kutti according to Wikipedia and Instagram?

Trevian Kutti is a publicist, brand strategist, and marketer. She’s also active on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @treviankutti.


Trevian Kutti, a Kanye West associate and former publicist for R. Kelly, has been accused of pressuring an election worker to confess to voter fraud or face arrest. “You are a loose end for a party that needs to tidy up,” she told the worker https://t.co/yur4Fya9eV — Rolling Stone (@RollingStone) December 10, 2021

In 2012, Kutti expanded his reputation as a well-known market and brand strategist in the fashion, entertainment, and media industries by producing HBO docu series and managing artists.

Premium designer stores and factories, prominent media and public relations agencies, and the people who help businesses succeed are all on her contact list.


Kutti is 51 years old and stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches.

Trevian Kutti net worth

Trevian Kutti’s estimated net worth is between $1 and $5 million.

According to her LinkedIn page, she has acquired that status through a career that spans easily over a decade. Following her breakup with R. Kelly in 2018, Kutti’s relationship with Kanye West was publicized.


R. Kelly’s publicist was Trevian Kutti. https://t.co/AfZtseD31T https://t.co/8rgfgIwshT

December 10, 2021 — Maya Wiley (@mayawiley)

Kutti Trevian boyfriend

For the time being, Trevian Kutti has kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret. She has been tight-lipped about her personal life and hasn’t shared anything on social media.


She is likely to reveal more facts about her personal life following her arrest.

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