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What we know about Heidi Klum honeymoon with her husband, Tom Kaulitz in 2019. .

What we know about Heidi Klum honeymoon with her husband, Tom Kaulitz.

Once you become famous especially in the American entertainment industry, then everything you do becomes news that fans want to read about on social media pages or blogs and Heidi Klum honey with her husband, Tom Kaulitz, a guitarist went viral shortly after the duo got married in a luxury wedding.

Interestingly, Heidi Klum honeymoon wasn’t made a secret affair, unlike the luxurious wedding ceremony. She posted pictures and videos of herself on her Instagram page which got her fans talking all that period.

At some point, Heidi Klum honeymoon made her a subject of criticisms because of some of the dresses she put on in the pictures she shared on her page but Heidi Klum seems to be one is already used to wearing loosely fitted clothes.

She was once described herself as a nudist in an interview with Ocean View.

“I grew up very free… not hiding or feeling insecure about myself or my body. As much as I love wearing beautiful lingerie and clothes, I also love not wearing too much.

“It’s a free feeling that I’ve had since being a small child growing up in Germany. I had parents that never hid from me when they changed clothing or when I walked into the room. When we would go to the beach, my mom would sunbathe topless”

Who is Heidi Klum and why did her honeymoon with Tom Kaulitz in 2019 become such huge news?

In the subsequent paragraphs, we shall be exploring some details about her background, education, career as well as some other things we know about Heidi Klum honeymoon.

Heidi Klum is a German-American model, producer, Tv host and businesswoman. She appeared on the front cover of Sport illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 1998. She is the first German to model for popular clothing and accessories brand, a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

She was born to Erna, a hairdresser and Gunther Klum, an executive in a cosmetic brand on the 1st of June 1963 in Bergisch Gladbach near the western city of Cologne, Germany.

Heidi Klum honeymoon

Heidi Klum started waves early in her career after she was convinced by a friend of hers to enrol. in a modelling competition in 1992. She emerged winner of the competition out of 25,000 contestants as she took home the prize of modelling contract worth $300,000 with Metropolitan Models in New York owned by Thomas Zeumer.

Her career continued in an upward trend after that time having featured on a good number of French, German, Spanish and Portuguese Vogue magazines as well as other notable ones such as InStyle, Elles, Glamour among others.

Heidi Klum became famous for appearing on the front cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue on the 20th of February 1998 as well as her work with Victoria’s Secret.

Heidi Klum
 Credit: Photo by Broadimage/Shutterstock

She reigned as one of the most successful and highest-paid models and it was reported by Forbes Magazine that her net worth stands at $20m as of 2011.

Aside from being a model, she hosted and presented lots of fashion shows as well as modelling competitions in Germany as well as in the United States. Klum served as the host of the reality programs Project Runway a fashion design competition between 2014 and 2017. She also served as one of the judges on America’s Got Talent in 2013.

Her talent gap afforded to play in some support roles in some movies

Heidi Klum honeymoon with Tom Kaulitz. 

As regards to her marital life, Heidi Klum is currently married to popular guitarist, Tom Kaulitz although she had dated a couple of men before then which includes with Flavio Briatore, the Iformer managing director of Renault’s Formula One team as we as Soul Singer, Seal with whom she had three sons together between 2005 and 2009 she filed for a divorce in 2012.

After a year of dating, Heidi Klum got married to Tom Kaulitz in February 2019 in a private ceremony on a famous yacht, Christina O. in Italy.

Six months after their exotic wedding attended by close family and friends, Heidi Klaus proceeded on a honeymoon with her husband on a yacht owned by Aristotle Onassis.

The couple cruised from along the Italian coast of Capri and Positano as well as some hidden coves and beaches as the couple bonded together.

Heidi Klum honeymoon with her husband was less like a movie series as shared pictures and videos of their daily activities as they visited some of the coastal locations in Italy.

One of the reasons why Heidi Klum honey became one. of the most talked-about topics online was the amount of money paid weekly to cruise on the yacht.

Heidi Klum

According to a website of the Yacht, you need to pay about $634,000 to cruise on the yacht for a week.

Obviously, that price tag didn’t deter Heidi Klum honey with her new husband as both indeed had a great time both on and off the coast of Italy.

Click here to see the pictures and videos of Heidi Klum honeymoon with Tom Kaulitz.


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