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Who is Nelly’s son Cornell Haynes III? Find out here

Who is Nelly's son Cornell Haynes III? Find out here 2

The life of any celebrity is more a less a magnet that attracts people to it everytime and as such people will want to know more about the individual beyond his name. The media and fans especially form the bedrock of the people who constantly show interest in the personal lives of celebrities. 

Nelly is an household name in the American entertainment industry. He’s not just an entertainer, he’s a businessman, an investor and a proud father but not much is known about his son. 

So who is Nelky’s son Cornell Haynes III? In this post, you will learn about Cornell Haynes III, his background, age, education, career among other vital details about him. 


Cornell Haynes III: Who is he and was he born?

Who is Nelly's son Cornell Haynes III? Find out here 3
Nelly’s son Cornell Haynes III

Cornell Haynes III (born March 2, 1999) is a well-known American figure who is most recognized as the son of one of the most well-known American figures, Nelly.

His father is a well-known American rapper, musician, composer, and entrepreneur, as well as the largest investor in the United States. His mother, on the other hand, is a well-known American personality and a well-known Cornell mother as a Hollywood actress.

Cornell also comes from a well-known celebrity family, which is one of the reasons for his worldwide popularity; otherwise, he is just a regular guy.


His father and mother’s marriage has not been confirmed, however according to certain accounts, his mother married the well-known American singer Nelly.

Cornell’s father went under the stage name Nelly, but it was not his real name. His true name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, although the majority of people know him by his stage name, Nelly.


Information about Cornell Haynes III’s career is not available on the internet, and given that he is roughly 23 years old, it is possible that he does not pick his profession, but no definite information is available.


Cornell Haynes III Family 

He comes from a well-known and wealthy American family, so his future may be secure, or it may depend on his luck, but I have no idea about this celebrity kid’s profession.

His father, on the other hand, is known by the stage name Nelly. His real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr, but he is better known by his stage name Nelly.

Who is Nelly's son Cornell Haynes III? Find out here 4
Nelly and his children

His mother’s information, on the other hand, is not yet available on the internet. According to some sources, his mother’s name is Shantel Jackson, but there is no other information about her on the internet.


Furthermore, he has a sister named Chanelle Haynes, however it is unclear whether she is his real sister. Cornell Haynes Sr. and Rhonda Mack are his grandparents, and Shawn Thomas Jr. and Sidney Thomas are his cousins. His Uncle City Spud and Aunt Jackie Donahue, on the other hand, are his relatives.


Basically, he finished his primary schooling at a local high school, according to certain reports. He may be studying at the moment, but his university name and any other information are not yet available on the internet. However, his high school in his hometown is where he completed his elementary schooling.

How tall is Cornell Haynes III?

He was born on March 2, 1999. He is 23 years old in 2022.  Cornell was born in the United States to a prominent American celebrity family, including his father and mother. However, this celebrity child stands at a good height and has good body weight control. His height is approximately 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm).

Who is Nelly's son Cornell Haynes III? Find out here 5

He goes to the gym early in the morning to improve his health. His body weight, on the other hand, is around 60 kg (132 lbs), although his shoe size has yet to be released on the internet. His approximated physique measurements are about 36-30-32, according to our sources, although his precise measurements have yet to be released on social networking sites.

Who is Cornell Haynes girlfriend? 

He is currently single, but according to certain accounts, he has been dating his girlfriend Macee Bradley for quite some time. However, his exact relationship information is not available on the internet, but this female could be this renowned American celebrity kid’s girlfriend.

On the other side, he refuses to post any details about his personal life on the internet, possibly because he want to keep his personal life private. He did, however, have a happy life with his family and partner Macee Bradley. Perhaps he had another romance in his previous life, but no additional information is now available on the internet.


Net Worth 

Cornell, as everyone knows, comes from a celebrity family, which is one of the reasons for his worldwide fame. At the moment, he is completely focused on his studies, and he may have some goals after that.  According to some reports, this famous kid’s estimated net worth in 2021 will be around $500,000.

Cornell Haynes III Social Media

Cornell Haynes III doesn’t seem to be active on social media. We searched several social media platforms but were unable to find his profile or page. Perhaps he uses a different name.


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