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Kjetill Stjerne: All you need to know about the popular Twitter trader! 

Kjetill Stjerne: All you need to know about the popular Twitter trader!  2

People tend to be easily attracted to people who talk about trade, investment, money-making, beauty among other interesting topics on social media. 

Kjetill Stjerne is known for his tweets on trading on Twitter and he boasts of having a net worth estimate valued in 10 figures which he must have made via trading. 

This article centers on Kjetill Stjerne and we will share all what we know about him including his age, net worth among other details about him. 


Who is Kjetill Stjerne?

Kjetill Stjerne is a trader who claims to be a natural-born Viking in his Twitter bio.

He has been tweeting about trade, and he uses Twitter to share important trading ideas according to reports.

Kjetill Stjerne: All you need to know about the popular Twitter trader!  3

Kjetill Stjerne’s net worth could be in the tens of millions, since he stated in his Twitter bio that his wealth is in the “tens of millions.”


Kjetill’s trading job could bring him a lot of money.

However, due to his private character, he has not revealed his exact salary. He could have a lot of money and a lot of properties.

How old is Kjetill Stjerne? 

Kjetill has not revealed his precise age, but based on his Twitter images, he appears to be in his 50s or 55s. He has a long beard and dark hair. It is unknown if or whether Stjerne is married. He has made no mention of being married or having children. His family information is missing from the internet.


Kjetill Stjerne Twitter

Kjetill is believed to have a 16.5k-follower Twitter account. However, according to our research, he has no followers and is not following anyone at the moment . His main account looks to have been disabled.

In August of 2020, he joined Twitter. Gulfstream Lifestyle, according to his Twitter location. He uses his Twitter account to send several tweets.

His YouTube account, meanwhile, is said to have nearly 500 subscribers. On February 1, 2021, he is believed to have uploaded his debut YouTube video, which received 8.1k views. However, there is no account with that name on Youtube. It appears that his accounts on social media have been blocked or deleted. 


The point is that Kjetill Stjerne doesn’t have an online presence like before anymore. But people are still searching for him online nonetheless. 

Where is Kjetill Stjerne from? 

Some Reddit users assumed that he and his friend were paying $640 million to destroy the GME short assaults.

Kjetill Stjerne hasn’t revealed anything about his hometown, thus his nationality and ethnicity remain unknown.


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