Who is the better player between Riyad Mahrez and Mohamed Salah?

Who is the better player between Riyad Mahrez and Mohamed Salah?

Two players Riyad Mahrez and Mohamed Salah are frequently compared to each other.

Mohamed Salah is from Egypt while Riyad Mahrez is from Algeria.

Both are from North Africa and are left-footed with Salah 28 while Mahrez is 30.

The comparison between the two is massive especially since they both play for the two top teams in the Premier League.

Here is a breakdown to determine who is better.

Riyad Mahrez this season has made a total of 36 appearances contributing 10 goals and five assists.

Mohamed Salah this season has made a total of 39 appearances contributing 25 goals and four assists.

Over the course of their career, Mahrez is a two-time Premier League champion with Leicester City and Manchester City.

However, he played different roles in the triumphs, at Leicester City the talisman and at Manchester City a role player.

For Salah, he inspired Liverpool to the Champions League and Premier League titles in back-to-back seasons.

Mahrez and Salah both have a PFA Player of the Year title, the Egyptian has 2 African Footballer of the Year award compared to one for the Algerian.

Salah however is a more proficient goalscorer and even in his bad season still miles ahead of Mahrez.

Salah is also younger than Mahrez therefore overall is a better player and has shown to be so at their peak.

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