Wife of Ekiti Governor, Bisi Fayemi reveals relative tried to sexually molest her at 10-years-old (video)

Wife of Ekiti Governor, Bisi Fayemi reveals relative tried to sexually molest her at 10-years-old (video)

The Wife of Ekiti State Governor Bisi Fayemi has revealed that a relative tried to sexually molest her when she was just 10-years-old.

The First Lady of Ekiti State revealed this in an Instagram live chat on Sunday, June 7th with Dolapo Badmus the Zonal Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Police Force.

According to her, the person who tried to molest her was a relative from her mothers side and happened because they were sleeping in the same room.

The statement by the first lady said, “Last year, when the Busola Dakolo issue happened, I stressed the importance of us listening to stories of rape survivors and I shared my own experience when I was a young girl. I was around 10 at the time, my mother brought one of his relatives from her hometown to help the house.

“Because we were kids, we usually sleep in the same room then. I was on the bed with one of my aunties, my brother was on another bed and this young man was sleeping somewhere near our bed. In the middle of the night, he started pulling my bed sheet. Initially, I thought it was a mistake.

“So, he would pull the bed sheet and I would pull them back. He did it again and I pulled them back. So, the third time, I decided to wait and see if he was doing it on purpose. Lo and Behold, he pulled the sheet totally off me. At that point, I asked him ‘what are you doing?’ and he replied ‘kosi’ (which in English means nothing).

“The following morning, as early as 6am, I went up to my mother and narrated what happened to me. When I came back from school that afternoon, he was already gone. That was my mother’s relative.

“What if I had told my mother and she had said ‘shut up, how dare you?’ What could have happened to me. It meant that her relative could have proceeded to do something else with me. So, we need to listen to our children.”

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