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You have no place in Heaven! – Abuja Pastor warns Homosexuals!

You have no place in Heaven! - Abuja Pastor warns Homosexuals! 2

Sarah Omakwu, the Senior Pastor of Family Worship Center, Abuja, on Sunday warned Christians that homosexuals have no place in God’s kingdom.

“Men who have sex with other men do not have a place in God’s kingdom, also Husbands should not force their wives into having sex through the anus, it is an abomination,” Ms Omakwu said at a conference by the church’s Single Network themed “Epignosis”.

The clergywoman said “no matter what the internet says, the sins of homosexuality and lesbianism are detestable,” adding that “Having sex through the anus is against nature, it is against the natural use of the anus which is for passing out waste.”

Mrs Omakwu asked homosexuals to repent and seek counselling or be punished by God.


On the place of leadership in marriage, the senior pastor said, “None is superior to another in marriage, but the man according to the Holy Bible is the head of the home and the leader of the family, he should lead as God in the family, not a dictator.”

She admonished that “Couples also should honour the institute of marriage and not take advantage of one another in the name of marriage,” and “Women and wives should find something to do, learn a skill, start a trade and be supportive to your husbands.”



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