10 Random Numbers to call when you are bored or stuck at home. 


15 Random Numbers to call when you are bored or stuck at home. 

Surely, there are quite a lot of things to do when one is bored or stuck at home but have you tried some random numbers you call just to make you laugh or feel motivated? If not, then you have to stick to the post as we will share fifteen of those numbers with you. 

These random numbers have specific purposes based on what you want to achieve. For instance, if you are tired of your current relationship and you want some advice to spice it up, there are some random numbers you can call. 


Also, if a guy has been chasing you relentlessly and you don’t know how to tell him you are not interested in him, instead of giving him your real number, you can give him a “rejection number” where he will be told he has been rejected. Cool right? Indeed 🥂

Some random numbers are not designed to prank or make jest of you. Some are helplines that help to provide solutions or advice to life challenges. For instance, people that are emotionally disturbed or have mental health challenges can call some numbers and ask for help. 


  • Stop Complaining Number – 605–475–6973 

This is one of the most popular random numbers to call. Do you know anyone that always vent about one issue or the other? Do you know someone who is almost restless and complains about issues around him or her? If yes, you will be doing them a great disservice if you don’t share this number with them. 


The voice on the other end of the call is a soothing and calm one that eases their burdens. The voice also advises them to be calm and put their worries aside, citing that other people are going through much more difficult situations than them. 

The whole process is quite hilarious but really helpful. 


  • The I don’t want you line – 212-479-7990

If you don’t want to give the person you just met your real number, the best thing to do is to hand him or her a rejection line. It is a subtle way of telling the person, “Sorry I don’t want to be friends with you, ” in a rather amusing and subtle way. 


Once the person calls the number, he will get the following response: “Hello! This is not the person you were trying to call. You’ve reached the Rejection Hotline.” The voice on  The Rejection Line also goes ahead to share possible reasons why he or she has rejected you. 

So, when that gorgeous lady hands you her number almost willingly, look at it twice to be sure it is her real number or better still call the number immediately while she is still with you. It started in 2001 in Atlanta and as of today almost every city in the United States and each city gets about 50,000 calls every day. 


  • Bad Breath Number – (605) 475–6959

This is a very mild way of telling someone, especially a friend or colleague that he or she had a bad breath. All you need to do is slip this number into his or her pocket. Better still, you can tell him that it is a lottery number. Most likely he is going to call the number almost immediately. 

The best part of the call is when it says, “Do you hear me laughing? No, you don’t. Because this is not a joke, there is nothing funny about bad breath.” 

The voice not only talks about the problem but also gives solutions to how you can treat bad breath. So if a friend of yours or anyone slips this number into your pocket, he or she is doing you a great favor. 


  • How to know if you are an unhappy number – 605–475–6958

Are you having a challenge as regards knowing if you are genuinely happy or not? You might want to dail or call professionals via these numbers who will be more than willing to discuss issues with you and also share useful tips with you as well. 


  • Divorce Hotline – (605) 475–6960

If you have someone who is having a difficult time in his or her marriage and wants a way out, then she might find solace in this divorce hotline. 

The voice prompts goes thus:


“Are you tired of constant nagging? Infrequent sex? Or always being wrong? Do you find yourself apologizing for things you haven’t done? Have you ever really questioned where everything in your life went so wrong?”

If your answer is yes to these questions, then with the help of your lawyer, you will be joining the very long list of Americans who are currently divorced.  


  • The Loser Line – (206) 569-5829

The fifth entry into our random numbers to call is “The Loser Line.” It is more or less a platform where you can vent out all your daily displeasure or disappointments. 


The voice at the other end of the call doesn’t interact with the call, instead, the calls are recorded and some of them make it to the radio sometimes. 


  • Hilarious Announcement – (914) 737-9938

Just in case you are bored, this is one of the random numbers to call. It’s a Westchester County, New York phone line meant to make you laugh out loud. 

When you dial this number, the next voice you will hear will be; 


“This a CPTA announcement test. Uh, I do not know what it is supposed to say; I am not that concerned with it. So, if anyone gets this just disregard it, ok, and hang up.”


  • Sike-chiatric Ward – (605)–475–6967

This is an intervention number filled with truckloads of jokes that will certainly put a smile on your face.


  • Father Christmas Number – 1-603-413-4124 

Father Christmas or Santa Claus is that individual with white beards who shares gits with people especially children during the Christmas period. 

Although Christmas is still far away, you can put a call through to Santa Claus to gèt your gift ahead of time. By calling the number, one should be able to get in touch with Santa Claus. 

Okay, enough of the joke 😁😁😁

Handing someone this number is a subtle way of telling them not to contact you again especially when the person is always asking you for gifts. 



  • Harry Potter Admission – 605-475-6961 

If you are a fan of the famous Harry Porter franchise and you would like to enroll in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, then call this number. You will be given the necessary information you need. 

Note: Call this number only when you can differentiate between reality and fiction. 



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