Conch Removal: Here is all you need to know including pictures


Conch Removal: Here is all you need to know including pictures

There is a need to know more about Conch Removal according to the trends. This is why we will take a look at all there is to know about Conch Removal in this article.


A new kind of dangerous ear modification is now being debated even though for years Ear gauging, or stretching the ear lobe with jewelry, has been popular.

This is because a Facebook post went viral showing a man named the name of Charles V. Bentley with the center of his ears cut out.


Through the entire ear This leaves a big enough hole to see. conch removal involves removing the inner cartilage of the outer ear and is known to be the latest modification possible to trend.

With over 17,000 shares and 39,000 comments is what the image of the conch removal to Facebook garnered After the owner of a Swedish body piercing and modification shop posted.

The post read, “Fresh #conchremoval on @charlesvbentley who traveled around the world from Australia to have this procedure performed by me at @calmbodymodification,”.

There is no proof that this type of surgery can make a person’s behind-the-ear hearing better according to a plastic surgeon who focuses on facial reconstructive procedures.



Any procedures that involve removing skin or cartilage from the body is defined as Surgery according to federal law In the United States to perform surgeries only trained doctors with the appropriate medical licenses are allowed therefore it is a plastic surgeon who focuses on facial reconstructive procedures that should do this.

This isn’t the case for anyone without a license which means conch removal is illegal in the US until in In certain other countries.

Asides from infection Conch removal can lead to permanent tissue damage. Infection would also scar up and ruin the rest of the cartilage.


The biggest concern with conch removal is the risk for infection if the wound isn’t properly cared for following the removal.

Once the cartilage is shrunken, there is no way to re-inflate it then scar over and cause the ear to have a shriveled appearance, the delicate ear tissue will first become red and swollen If the ear becomes infected.

Since they target the soft ear lobe tissue rather than cartilage as This type of infection is less common with ear gauge modifications.

During swimming or showering the ear, cartilage is designed to prevent water from entering the ear canals Another potential complication is excess water in the ears.


At a high-cost Ear, conch removal can be reversed with surgery. ear conch surgery reversal would be time-consuming and expensive there are a number of ear gauge modifications that can be reversed.

It is so difficult to find places that will perform the procedure because of US law. Involve two separate procedures is what will take for Conch removal reversal.

Where the conch was formerly located use the skin graft to replace the spot then release the ear from its sewn-up position. Against the bone behind the ear called the mastoid area sewing the remaining part of the ear will help a skin graft to grow and allow for more blood to flow to the ear.


It is so complex the cost would be even more for conch removal reversal since Ear gauge reversal surgery is around $500 per ear. It is usually out of need, not want When people get ear modifications reversed.

Many employers won’t accept them due to their body modifications as patients opt to repair their ears after they’ve had trouble job-hunting as people still discriminate even though Our society is more progressive.

The Conch is the part of the ear that is visible to the eye and is outside the body and part of the ear is the central area. it has in shape to a conch shell The part gets its name from the similarity.

The conch gets pierced to wear jewelry as It is one of the most popular parts of the ear. Will leave you with an inability to hear people and sounds if you follow the trend of getting the conch of the ear removed is what you may think that following.


Once your mind has adapted to this change your ability will go back to normal while for a few days it may impair your ability to hear. from behind this removal will improve hearing. Receiving quite a backlash on the conch removal is the Australian man and the artist.

The removal is very likely to affect the hearing ability sounds that fall on our ear that travels through the ear canal to the eardrum is what The conch collects and we are able to hear and therefore.

Some claim that the conch removal will help improve hearing ability. it’s defined as the deliberate altering of the human body or physical appearance For those unfamiliar with body modification in which the inner portions of his external ear were removed.


In some cases, this is not your average modification as well as plastic surgery including tattoos and piercings. Features Bentley’s stitched-up ears is the finished result on Facebook after his body modification artist the procedure began circulating.

A person’s ability to perceive where a sound is coming from, removing a portion of the auricle, will definitely affect sound localization as a result of Changing the ear shape in any way the external ear.

You want to be able to hear what they’re saying in front of you, that’s not what you want when you’re talking to someone; maybe he’d be able to hear better from behind, For instance.

The ear shape is very important when it comes to hearing how else the hearing might be impacted. This is not to be performed by your average professional piercer.


There’s only a small handful of them that are truly recognized worldwide as This is a procedure that is done by a modification specialist. this isn’t something that you can walk into any piercing studio and get done In regard to the procedure itself.

It is done for aesthetic reasons only as this is not a common procedure to numb the area and control bleeding a local anesthetic is used. the skin is sutured over the open edge as the cartilage is removed with a scalpel.

When done properly and cared for correctly These tend to heal very quickly. Than most other body modifications, like piercings and tattoos a procedure like this has higher stakes as a reversal is extremely complicated, include bleeding, infection, undesirable scarring, wound healing issue are risks of conch removal having some serious apprehensions about the procedure are Plastic surgeons.


Highly complex plastic surgery procedures A combination of tissue flaps and grafts the importance of the cartilage support network the complex anatomy of the ear Conch removal is not easily reversed.

Required to avoid problems it is only being done by people without the excellent training. this procedure directly opposes these millennia of evolution there are likely ramifications for the ability to localize sound. for a functional reason, Ears have evolved their shape.
do your research beforehand as it is extremely important.


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