Cornerstone Tiny Homes

Cornerstone Tiny Homes: Why you should allow the Florida-based construction company to build your dream house! 


Everyone wants to build and live in a luxurious house with five-star features if possible and living in such houses defines one’s financial capability. 

Technology has made almost everything easy such that one can build a house on wheels instead of the traditional blocks and concrete. 

There are a few companies that have mastered this art and Cornerstone Tiny Homes leads the rest of the pack. 

Cornerstone Tiny Homes is a family-run construction company that provides comfortable, beautiful, and affordable homes for everyone. 


Cornerstone Tiny Homes boasts many years of experience in interior design, construction, and engineering so they make sure that your new house will be of premium quality and also solid structurally to provide a conducive and comfortable living experience.

Cornerstone Tiny Homes are built with the highest quality materials with the combination of old-world craftsmanship that Cornerstone has been renowned for several years. 

They build and design every home according to their customer’s tastes and satisfaction. Whether on wheels or concrete, Cornerstone Tiny Homes will surely deliver. 

Cornerstone Tiny Homes – Standard Features (Wheels) 

  •  On-Demand Tankless Water Heater
  •  Outside Stairs to Tiny House
  •  Recessed Lighting
  •  Porcelain Toilet
  •  Porcelain Bathroom Sink
  •  Chrome Finished Faucets
  •  Air Conditioning/Heating Unit
  •  Refrigerator
  •  Large Kitchen Sink
  •  Induction Cooking Burner

Each of the Finished Units can be considered to be a “base model”, which allows clients to upgrade and customize with the company according to what they want. 


Therefore, the price of each of these Finished Units below is, more or less, the starting price. 

Even though you have the chance to subtract and swap appliances and finishes in a bid to cut down the price, you will have to come up with the standard appliances yourself to live in your tiny home. So the price reduction might not be drastic at all. 

The essence of the prices is to give clients a fair idea of where to start, and also to compare the prices of other home builders. 



The 32′ Walden – FINISHED UNIT STARTING AT $99,580

The 30′ Abbott – FINISHED UNIT STARTING AT $94,980

The 28′ Fontana – FINISHED UNIT STARTING AT $88,330


The 26′ Savannah – FINISHED UNIT STARTING AT $80,460

The 24′ Vincente – FINISHED UNIT STARTING AT $68,120

The 20′ Cortes – FINISHED UNIT STARTING AT $59,300

Note: Prices are subject to change as tax is not included according to the Manufacturer.

Cornerstone Tiny Homes

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