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Daena E. Title biography: What is known of Jason Alexander’s pretty wife?

Daena E. Title biography: What is known of Jason Alexander’s pretty wife? 2

Daena E. Title is an American actress and painter and she is most remembered for her part in the film For Better or Worse. The actress gained popularity after she git married to Jason Alexander, a well-known Hollywood actor, singer, comedian, and director.

Daena E. Title biography: What is known of Jason Alexander’s pretty wife? 3

She is also recognised as an American philanthropist who lives in the United States. She is a devoted supporter of the nonprofit, animal welfare group called the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She also backs groups like Aid for AIDS and Autism Speaks.

In this article, we will discuss her background, career, net worth among other important information that should be of interest to you.



Daena E. Title is 175 centimeters tall, or 5 feet 9 inches, and weighs around 176 pounds, or 80 kilograms. Her grey hair is paired with blue eyes.


Daena E. Title is well-known American actress with a few movie features. She made her acting debut in 1995 when she featured as Cop#2 in the film For Better or Worse. According to her IMDb page, her films are as follows:

  • Just Looking (1999) as Dancer in Block Party
  • Seinfeld (1998) as Juror
  • For Better or Worse (1995) as Cop#2

Daena has a strong interest in painting in addition to acting. She handles the Facebook pages for Daena Title, Daena Title Artist, and Drown the Dolls, where she posts her artwork. She also posts pictures of her paintings on Instagram.



Daena is an American actress was born in New York City, the country of her birth. She has a cousin named Stacy who works as a filmmaker and is married to American actor Jonathan Penner.

When was Daena E. Title born? The American actress was born on February 14, 1957. Daena is 65 years old As of 2022?

Who is Jason Alexander wife?

The famous actor, singer, comedian, producer, and director Jason Alexander got married to the American actress, Daena E. Title after dating her for a long time. Jay Scott Greenspan is his real name. He gained fame for his performance as George Costanza on the television show Seinfeld.

Daena E. Title biography: What is known of Jason Alexander’s pretty wife? 4

Jason Alexander and Daena E. Title exchanged vows on May 31, 1981 at a private ceremony. The wedding was attended by close friends and relatives. They’ve been together for more than forty years. Noah and Gabriel are the couple’s two kids. Compared to Noah, who was born in 1996, Gabriel was born in 1991.

  • Daena E. Title: Who is she? She is an American actress who became well-known since she was Jason Alexander’s wife.
  • What is Daena’s age? She will be 65 in 2022.
  • Who is the wife of Jason Alexander? He’s married to Daena E. Title.
  • What is Daena E. Title height? She is a tall woman, standing at 5 feet 9 inches (175 centimetres).
  • Does Daena E. Title ever had kids? She does indeed have two boys named Noah and Gabriel.
  • What is Daena E. Title nationality? She was born and reared in the American city of New York.

Jason Alexander’s wife, Daena E. Title, is a well-known American actor and painter. For Better or Worse, Seinfeld, and Just Looking all featured her.

She has had an outstanding career thus far and has managed to avoid scandal throughout the years.


Social Media

It appears that Daena E. Title is not available on any social media platform. She lives a private life togrger with her husband and children.

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