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Did Dennis Tissington die in jail? Here is what we know about him and his case in 2022

Did Dennis Tissington die in jail? Here is what we know about him and his case in 2022 2

The immense speed with which information spread on the internet is beyond words. Irrespective of what one does, whether good or bad, once it gets to the Internet, the whole world is already aware and one will become popular. 

Dennis Tissington became famous on the internet because of his outrage in a video that trended on the internet. He was jailed for while but nothing has been heard about him since then. 

People have been insinuating whether or not Dennis Tissington died in jail or if he’s still alive. The incident happened in 2016 but these questions are still being asked regardless. 


So, we shall tell you what we know about Dennis Tissington, his family and whether he died in prison or not in this article. 

Who is Dennis Tissington? 

Dennis Tissington, 67, made headlines after being charged with criminal mischief over a payment dispute for concrete construction. Many rumors have circulated about his demise.

The Dennis Tissington incident occurred in 2016, when he received undue attention as a result of a rage video that was uploaded on the internet.


Because the altercation occurred on the side of the road over a small matter, the video contains profane language that some viewers may find offensive. Dennis Tissington, a 67-year-old male, has been charged, according to the Grande Prairie RCMP.

Did Dennis Tissington Die In Jail?

After such a long period, Dennis Tissington’s death in prison has had a broad impact on the public. However, there is no indication that Dennis has died or is alive right now within a prison.

Furthermore, given the minor mischief charges, he was not imprisoned for an extended period of time. As a result, concluding his death without concrete evidence is difficult at this time.


In a gardening argument outside his home in Canada, Dennis allegedly attacked Damian Dallyn’s automobile. Damian became famous for his rage after releasing the video on YouTube.

After being reported to Mounties, he was charged with criminal mischief. Dallyn claimed he pulled over to have a “polite talk about money” with one of Tissington’s cousins while driving.

Dennis Tissington now

Dennis Tissington was charged with mischief, which was a relatively minor offense. However, because to social media hits, the episode became unintentionally well-known.


In the footage, a man identified as Dennis Tissington approaches Damian Dallyn’s parked car and taps on the glass with a baton.

Dennis remarked that if he wasn’t already in danger. The minor conversation continues in the video, and before Dallyn drives away, Tissington smashes two side windows.

Dallyn stated he was there to have a “civil chat” with the man’s stepson, Tyler Stojan, in a written post.


Stojan allegedly pocketed money for concrete work that was never completed, according to Dallyn.

He also stated that he came by to inquire about what he had done with the money and if he could help him with anything.

Stojan, however, claimed that Dallyn turned up again on the day of the incident, demanding cash and making threats, in a Facebook post.


Stojan, on the other hand, said that his stepfather waited for police after the event and fully cooperated before being charged.

Dennis Tissington wife

After the incident, no information about Dennis Tissington’s wife was made public. Dennis was a 67-year-old man with an enraged demeanor, as all of the YouTube comments claimed.

However, there is a suggestion about his stepson Tyler Stojan, implying that she had another family.


The video, along with the hashtag’man with baton,’ was widely shared on social media for a long period.

Furthermore, given the simplicity of the charges as mischief, Dennis Tissington’s death in custody could be a fabrication.


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