From the Jungle to the Altar, Ex-Gulder Ultimate Search Contestants get Married after 9 years


Two contestants from the 2012 edition of Gulder Ultimate Search, Ayo Ojueromi, and Nuhu Haruna have taken their love affair from the jungle to the altar.

The duo got married recently and this was made known by the brother of the bride, Olamide Omoregha who shared old and recent pictures of the couple in his Twitter page.

His post read;


“Today is my sister’s wedding! (Ayo × Nuhu) They met at the jungle in 2012 on a reality show hosted by Nigeria Breweries (Guilder Ultimate Search Season 9) After 10 years of friendship, growth, and commitment, today is that special day for her. God bless their union!”

Gulder Ultimate Search

“Congratulations to Ayo × Nuhu! – Met on a reality show(Guilder Ultimate Search) in 2012 – Grew together for 10 years And they’re now the latest couples in town. Look at what meeting in the jungle can do!”

AYO and Nuhu took part in the 2012 edition which was held at the Usaka Forest in Obot Akara Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.


The Golden Ultimate Search is a treasure hunt show where 12-15 contestants, camped in a forest, take part in various cerebral and physical tasks over 6 weeks leading up to the search of a hidden treasure in a jungle.


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