Giannina Maradona Diego Maradona’s daughter: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 33-year-old!

The thirst fans and the media have for details about their favourite celebrities and their families is unquenchable. They always want to know more about them especially when the person is well known just like Giannina Maradona, the daughter of late football icon Diego Maradona.

So in this article, you will get to know more about Giannina Maradona. We share details as regards her background, career, net worth, her relationship with retired footnaller, Sergio Aguero.

Who is Giannina Maradona?

Giannina Maradona is an Argentine celebrity best known as the daughter of football legend Diego Maradona. She was born in the spotlight and is the ex-wife of popular ‘Manchester City’ striker Sergio Agüero.

Sergio Agüero’s philandering was cited as the reason for the couple’s 2012 divorce. Her marriage to Agüero produced a son, Benjamin.

Giannina Maradona Diego Maradona's daughter: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 33-year-old! 1

In 2017, she was investigated after her father accused her and her mother, Claudia Villafae, of stealing millions from him and demanded that Giannina be imprisoned for obstructing his fraud case against Villafae.

Marriage to and divorce from Aguero

Giannina married footballer Sergio Agüero in 2008 after a brief relationship. Their wedding was a private affair attended by only their closest friends and family.

Agüero is a former Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker for the ‘Premier League’ club ‘Manchester City’ as well as the Argentine national team.

Giannina Maradona Diego Maradona's daughter: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 33-year-old! 2

Agüero’s father-in-law, Diego Maradona, previously held the record for being the youngest footballer to play in a first-division game for Argentina.

Giannina gave birth to their son, Benjamin, in Madrid on February 19, 2009, a year after her marriage to Agüero.

Following reports of Agüero’s infidelity, the couple divorced in 2012, after four years of marriage. He was rumored to be dating Argentine pop star Karina Tejeda while married to Giannina.

Giannina Maradona Diego Maradona's daughter: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 33-year-old! 3

Sergio confirmed the relationship rumors by making public appearances with Karina. Karina abandoned him after five years of marriage while he was recovering from a rib injury sustained in a car accident.

When asked to comment on the accident by a reporter, Giannina responded casually that she was unaware of it and had learned about it from the reporter.

What happened to Giannina Maradona?

In 2015, Giannina’s relationship with her father deteriorated. She and her sister supported their mother after their father filed a fraud case against her.

During a live TV show for ‘Canal America,’ in 2015, Diego Maradona claimed that his ex-wife and former manager, Claudia Villafae, swindled him out of US$ 9 million of his hard-earned money.

Giannina Maradona Diego Maradona's daughter: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 33-year-old! 4

Diego accused his ex-wife and childhood sweetheart, Claudia, of being a “thief,” alleging that Villafae had purchased not one, but seven luxurious properties in one of Miami’s tallest residential skyscrapers with money stolen from his bank account.

In 2017, after Giannina Maradona appeared in Uruguay during the fraud case proceedings and returned a few hours later, Diego accused his daughter of being involved in Claudia’s embezzlement scheme.

After making headlines for his inflammatory remarks about his family, Diego demanded that Giannina be imprisoned for his role in the alleged theft.

Giannina Maradona Diego Maradona's daughter: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 33-year-old! 5

An emotional Giannina responded to the allegation, saying she had forgiven her father’s worse behavior and would continue to do so. As the Maradona family drama unfolds in public, the bitter legal battle continues.

Giannina keeps a low profile, keeping her professional engagements and relationship status private.

Where is Giannina Maradona from?

Giannina Maradona was born on May 16, 1989, in Argentina. She was raised in the spotlight. She is the younger of two children born to former Argentine footballer Diego.

Maradona and Claudia Villafae, his wife. Dalma Nerea Maradona, her elder sister, was born two years before her.

Giannina Maradona Diego Maradona's daughter: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend of the 33-year-old! 6

Diego was a talented playmaker and attacking midfielder best known for wearing the number 10 jersey. Many sports reporters and football fans regard him as the greatest footballer of all time.

Giannina’s parents met when their families moved next door to each other in 1976. After the birth of their younger daughter, Giannina, their long-term relationship culminated in marriage in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Digo Maradona divorce

Due to Diego’s substance abuse issues and frequent news reports of his extramarital affairs, Diego and Claudia’s marriage was said to be turbulent for the majority of their relationship.

They eventually split up in 2004, citing irreconcilable differences. Dalma, Giannina’s sister, was quoted as saying that the divorce was the best solution for everyone because her parents remained friends after the divorce. Giannina, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with the divorce.


Giannina is an accessory designer at Delapaz, an online store. She is also a business owner who runs an online store where she sells a variety of jewelry. Giannina is also a social media personality with a large Instagram following.

Net Worth

According to Idol Net Worth, Diego Maradona’s youngest daughter Giannina Maradona has a net worth of $50 million.

How old is Giannina Maradona’s grandson?

Giannina Maradona’s son is 13 years old and already a well-known figure. Benjamin has 184 thousand followers on Instagram.

Who is Giannina Maradona’s husband?

She is not married and thus has no husband. Giannina is single because she hasn’t been in a relationship since her divorce from Aguero.

Giannina Maradona adores her son Benjamin and maintains cordial relations with her ex-husband Sergio Aguero as they raise their child. Despite being raised in the spotlight, she lives a quiet life away from the spotlight.


She is five feet and six inches tall. She is 130 pounds and has a slim build. Her body measurements are 32-26-32 inches (81-66-81 centimetres).

Social Media

Giannina Maradona is a social celebrity, with over one million Instagram followers. The accessory designer frequently posts photos of her personal life as well as the various designs of accessories she sells.

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