Hannah Owo bio: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend

Hannah Owo bio: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend 2

Who is Hannah Owo?

American-born Hannah Owo is a well-known Tik Tok celebrity, model, influencer, lip syncher, and social media influencer. In her hometown, she attended school. She also promotes a number of brands. Hannah Kabel is her real name.

Hannah Owo bio: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend 3
Hannah Owo

She posts gaming-related videos to Twitch. She performs and uploads her dance and lip-sync videos to the well-known TikTok app. Continue reading this article for more information, and visit this page to view Hannah Owo’s family information, most recent photos, and Instagram reels. Therefore, all Fans should keep reading to learn about every thing on this page.

Ethnicity and Family

Hannah Owo was born on November 21, 2002 in the United States. Every year she celebrates her birthday on the 21st of November. She works as a professional model, actor, TikTok star, social media influencer, and media personality. Her mother’s name is not given, nor is her father’s name. There is no information about her sibling. Continue reading this article to learn more about her personal information and get her Tik Tok star biography.

Net Worth?

Hannah Owo’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $400,000-$500,000. Acting, modeling, and sponsorship deals with various businesses are Hannah Owo’s main sources of income. Although the exact amount of her earnings for the year is unknown, she probably will receive a pay raise comparable to that of 2021.

Hannah Owo Boyfriend

Public records indicate that Hannah Owo is single. Sadly, there is no mention of her lover’s name on this website.

Hannah Owo bio: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend 4

Despite the fact that this news source has not been verified, we provide all of the most recent data. Continue reading this article to find out more about these love tales.

Hannah Owo Phone Number

Sadly, she kept her phone number a secret from everyone. She does, however, use social media extensively. Consequently, you can get in touch with her on social media and friend her.


She began working as an influencer on Tiktok in 2018. She started posting a range of quick films, including lip syncs. She quickly rose to stardom thanks to her Tiktoks’ ability to draw respectable numbers of viewers. She currently has millions of likes and hundreds of thousands of followers.

Hannah Owo bio: Background, career, net worth, boyfriend 5

As a social media influencer, she prefers to be accessible across all channels. As a result, she started the “hannah owo” YouTube channel. Despite the fact that she started her channel in March 2014, she didn’t upload any content until January 2019. She mainly shares cosmetics tutorial videos on her channel.

Additionally, she started a Twitch channel in October 2020. She started broadcasting the video games Genshin Impact and Phasmophobia on her channel in addition to Just Chatting streams. She currently has more than 212k followers, with about 1,000 of them being paid subscribers.


Hannah Owo was born on November 21, 2002 in the United States. She continued her education there after that. Scorpio is her astrological sign. Hannah Owo is also a media personality, model, actress, TikTok star, social media star, and influencer. Her humorous and sappy lip-sync videos are well known. She is well-known for creating amazing and distinctive Tik Tok content.

She practices Christianity and has a sizable fan base in America. She is well-known for her romantic and dance videos. People enjoy watching the humor and romance in her videos. Hannah Owo also received a badge for Ace Tik Tok Comedian.

Facts about Hannah Owo?

  • She loves animals
  • Her handle @itshannahowo Tiktok account was suspended, and she then made another account with the username @hannahspat.
  • Smokes Hannah Owo? I don’t know.
  • She drinks booze, right? I don’t know.
  • eliza[dot]bethk is her Snapchat handle.
  • She has two Twitter accounts with the usernames tiktokthot6669 & hannahsh0rny, each of which has 121k & 103k followers.
  • Additionally, people may recognize her as notaestheticallyhannah.
  • Genshin Impact is her preferred video game.
  • Her Instagram account, which has almost two million followers, is where she posts her beautiful pictures. She also maintains two additional backup Instagram accounts with the usernames hannahowobackup and hannahsbackupbb.


Hannah Owo is well-known YouTuber, TikToker, content creator, and social media influencer. She is a YouTuber and Instagram sensation. She is well recognized for her adorably cute and funny lip-sync videos. She is highly renowned for creating amazing and original Tik Tok content.

She uploads gaming-related videos to Twitch. She also has a YouTube channel with a large fan base. On Instagram, she posted her cute and wonderful images. Millions of people follow her on social media, and she has a sizable fan base.

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