Horror! Pregnant woman cuts off husband’s penis in domestic fight [graphic photos]

Horror! Pregnant woman cuts off husband’s penis in domestic fight [graphic photos]

An unidentified eight-months pregnant woman has cut off the penis of her husband during a domestic scuffle.

According to Twitter user @drpenkin, a medical doctor, the incident happened on Wednesday morning and the man was rushed to hospital in yet another case of domestic violence.

An 8 month pregnant wife had a little quarrel with her husband this morning which got physical. She grabbed a kitchen knife and amputated the man’s penis. When next you want to advocate against domestic violence, remember that it can be both ways. (Viewers Discretion Advised).”

In a further update three hours after the initial tweet, @drpenking announced that the man would have to live without a penis for the rest if his life because the organ died off before he could get medical help.

He tweeted:
UPDATE: This man would have bled to death if he was not rushed to the hospital because the penis has a very rich blood supply. The blood supply to the penis is CLOSE to the brain’s. Bleeding was immediately controlled.

His penis can’t be re-attached because it “died off” so to speak before it could get to the hospital. This man will not be able to have sex for the rest of his life. This man will be urinating via a catheter(a rubber tube passed into his bladder) for the rest of his life.

“Be very careful of the kind of woman you take home and call your wife. Your wife can make or mar you for the rest of your life.”

The fate of the woman is not known yet but it is obvious the marriage is automatically dissolved among other punitive measures the law would prescribe for her.


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