Hushpuppi and a Cybercrime syndicate made an attempt to defraud a Premier League club of £100m! See details

Ramon Olorunwa Bass popularly known as “Hushpuppi” has continued to make the headlines for the wrong reasons for the past one week.

This time, the US Department of Justice reveled that Hushpuppi and an unknown cybercrime syndicate attempted to defraud an English Premier League club of a humongous sum of 100 million pounds.

The popular Instagram personality was caught by the Dubai Police last week for his involvement in a Business Email Compromise Scheme in which a client of a New York-based Law firm was defrauded of  $922,857 approximately.

Huspuppi arrived Chicago from Dubai  yesterday where he was extradited and has began his trial at the Chicago District Court where he faces 20 years in jail if found guilty.


In addition, reports has it that he has also been arraigned by the US Feds and will be begin his trial at the District Court in California.


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