I once asked celebrities for help – Comedian, Mr Macaroni shares his experience before fame!


Popular comedian, skit maker and actor, Debo Macaroni who is popular known as “Mr Macaroni, Freaky Freaky” has narrated how he was jumping from the inbox of one celebrity to another seeking for help before he got a breakthrough.

He revealed that he ran into debt in 2019 which made him sought help from popular figures in the entertainment industry.

However, now that he has grown from “grass to grace” Mr Macaroni said each time he gives out cash gifts to people who are in need, he is always thankful to God because he understands what it feels like to be in that situation because he has been there before.


Mr Macaroni

Mr Macaroni took to his Twitter page to share his thoughts.

For every time I give money or gifts to people, I thank God!! No be say I get money like that… But because I have been in those exact same shoes.
E get one debt wey hook me for 2019!! I was so desperate!! I was jumping shamelessly from one celebrity’s dm to the other…


Mr Macaroni also went on to advise people not to give irrespective of their current situation. He added that the chance to succeed won’t come if one gives up.

Hi guys. I just want us all to know that giving up is never an option.
If you don’t give up, you will always have a chance. If you give up, then the chance might never come. God’s grace and favour must meet us prepared.
May we all attain desired heights and beyond. ❤️


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