I wont use water again! Nigerian lady brags as she brushes her teeth with N25,000 Remy Martin Vsop! Pictures 👇

It is a new year and  people have already making “New Year Resolutions” as regards their careers, jobs, businesses and so on. However, a Facebook user’s resolution for the new year is quite amusing as look set to become a regular customer of popular Alcohol brand, Remy Martin

Anastasia Michael took to her Facebook page to announce to her friends and followers that her new year resolution is to stop using water to brush her teeth. Instead, she will start using Remy Martin Visop drink.

She went on share pictures of her brushing her teeth with a bottle of the drink which is worth 25,000.

Anastasia added that she is ready to work very hard so that she will be able to afford the Remy Martin visop drink.

Remy Martin Visop

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